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Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Here is the official version and the HPD Documentation of the Registrars' meltdown


Anonymous said...

Without out a doubt that was a breach of peace. No arrest was made.....WHY?
Anybody else in a business environment would have been arrested.

Anonymous said...

Why does the tag for this post refer to this as a "Registrars'" (plural apostrophe) meltdown?

Where does this police report refer to any registrar other than Olga? Was there a memo issued by the Hartford Democratic Town Committee requiring that every time Olga has a meltdown it has to be blamed on all of the "Registrars" and not just her? Is this an effort to conceal the fact that Olga is a Democrat and that the screw-ups in the registrars' office are caused by the toxic personality of Olga - a Democrat?

The same theme (blame all the registrars) happened with the illegal termination action brought by the City Council after last year's election. The DTC and the City Council tried to pass of Olga's incompetence as a general problem with all the registrars because, God forbid, a Democrat might be exposed as incompetent. The decision to stop marking off absentee ballots (which led to the late opening of the polls in 2014) was Olga's alone, yet the Courant dutifully referred to it as a screw up by the "registrars."

The Democrats need to clean up their side of the street and honestly claim Olga as their problem. Anyone who cares about Hartford wants Luke Bronin to be a massive success. His ability to take care of the Olga problem as the Democratic Party mess that it is will be a big first test.

Registrars vs. Registrars' said... took all that time to ramble on about registrars' when you don't even know proper grammar. Kevin is grammatically correct. Plural would be registrars. Registrars' is showing (Olga's) ownership for going off in a tirade. What a waste of space and time your post is. Brush up on your grammar before you go off in such a tirade that is incorrect.


One is singular- Registrar, the possessive is the "registrars' office, two would be registrar's.10:33 explained it much better than I have I'm sure