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Wednesday, December 23, 2015


On July 5th of this year after suffering my stroke, I have had plenty of time to think about things I would have done differently in my life. Did I take the time to tell people in my life how much I appreciated them?

 I want to draw attention to someone today. Someone I hardly even know, but someone I am also very impressed with. The video below is a video this person posted today on his Facebook page. This young man lost his father way too early to Cancer. But despite that loss of his father, he has grown into a young man that his father, if he was still alive today would be extremely proud of. . He is leading his life as an example that many of our youth should emulate.

From what I understand he is currently attending college and when he completes that he will be entering the United States  Marine Corps. From what I am told he is also showing public service to his home community as a firefighter with the Town of Wethersfield. Just a look at his Facebook page will tell you how well he was raised with a strong emphasis on family, community and service to his Country.

Michael Fallon Jr. is that young man, the son of the late HPD Assistant Police Chief  and Capitol Police Chief Michael Fallon.

The way Michael has grown despite the loss of his father should be the way every parent would want their children to enter adulthood. As tragic as the 9/11 video below is, I can picture Mike Fallon performing very similar acts if called upon. It is just the way he was raised.

All of our young people, especially in Hartford, could take a message from Fallon's life. Putting a 9mm handgun  in your pocket and acting like a tough guy does not make a man. A man is judged by his everyday acts and the service to his community. Michael Fallon jr. is well on the way to meet those marks and I am sure his father is proud as he watches the growth of his son,

Even though I don't know you well Michael Fallon, keep it up, we need more young men like you and Welles Crowther, the young hero portrayed in the you tube video below.. This video is very moving and thought provoking and as tragic as the ending was, you can tell Welles parents  thought, and still think the world of him. They clearly raised him right.


Robert said...

Michael Fallon, Great job!

Anonymous said...

Great Family... Great Kid

Unknown said...

A class act. A great example of his mother being the greatest roll model for him to continue to represent his family with class and respect. Your a great man mike. Keep it up. If you ever need anything let us know.

Anonymous said...

Sad to say but I wish the "majority" of my "brothers and sisters" on hfd had half the heart and the intention of helping others as welles did. Those same people self title themselves as "firefighters" when the appropriate description is "I work for the fire department" ,there's a big difference and I hope someday the tide will turn.

Anonymous said...

Kev,i want to supplement my text at 10:51 am. I was friends with Mike Fallon since he was kid and I have no reservation in saying that chief Fallon would have the same sentiments I do regarding the Hartford fire department in relation to the police department. He was the real deal and I was blessed to have known him. I hope there are enough "cops" around to keep his tradition of professionalism alive in Hpd. Mike jr, merry Christmas and your dad will never be forgotten

Kozi said...

Like him or not, Michael Fallon did so many things for HPD over his tenure there...he was more dedicated to the job and to making Hartford a safer city than anyone I know. It is a complete travesty that there is not one shred of him memorialized at Hartford PD so the newer officers could acknowledge who he was. Street Crimes Unit, Disorder Control Team, Traffic Division to name just a few of his "baby's"...RIP and know your son is proudly following in your footsteps.