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Monday, December 7, 2015


Last week a shooting occurred on Martin Street in Hartford. The "victim", Quentin Dickens from Windsor had reportedly been shot in the head. He also had apparently been shot on the same street about a week earlier. His total number of times being shot in Hartford has apparently reached four separate times.

Interestingly, Dickens was arrested by Hartford Police on Friday for carrying a pistol without a permit and criminal possession of a firearm, according to HPD. Dickens apparently had a handgun on him when he was shot, he just wasn't too proficient in its use . I think Dickens may want to be considering a job as a greeter at Walmart, it would definitely be time for a career change.

This guy needs to be off our streets for both his own safety and ours  .He clearly is a menace to his own health and those people in the vicinity of his gun crimes.


Name: DICKENS,QUENTIN           DOB:06/30/79 Sex:MALE   Race:BLACK Addr: 80 PINE LANE EXT          Hgt: 6'00    Wgt:217    Hair:BLACK AFRO      WINDSOR,CT                MF#:A 77699  Arrest #:7150491  Case #:15-037301
Officers:H37 REEDER,CHRISTOPHE  I50 CORVINO,GREG Arrest Date: 12/04/15 12:50     Location:253 HIGH ST Release Date:NOT RELEASED       BOND   $500,000
Charges:     2935               CARRYING PISTOL W/O PERMIT             53A217C            CRIMINAL POSS OF PISTOL/REVOLVER



Anonymous said...

Apparently the gun laws already existing don't matter to this criminal. The courts won't keep him off of the streets. Dannel's gun control laws and twelve (or more) strikes laws are working out real well. Outlaw guns and only people like this guy will have them. Cocaine can't be made in the US. It's outlawed too but still manages to find it's way into the country. Guns will as well.

Anonymous said...

What pisses me off the most is that I have to constantly hear my profession in public service being demonized for making to much in money,overtime,benefits ,pension etc. Kevin, how come nobody ever "calculates" how much money these TURDS cost us taxpayers,,,,first we have to respond with cops,firefighters and ems,,,next comes the ride to the hospital,,,(think they have blue cross/anthem?),,,,trauma room,,,then surgery,,,days of hospital recovery w/guard,,,,trip to lockup,,,,,court,,,,,jail,,,,probation,,,and in this case over and over and over again!!!! When can I form "WORKING LIVES MATTER" movement???



Your points are all well taken. Isn't it sad that gun toting thugs have better access to healthcare and rehab than many of our Seniors and War Veterans? Our priorities as a nation are messed up.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kevin was Adam Lanza the Newtown mass murderer a Thug??!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey anonymous 4:45 I doubt you live in Hartford so as a taxpayer it doesn't cost you anything you'd fit in perfectly in 1941 Germany

Anonymous said...

You mad ???

Anonymous said...

Lanza was a disturbed little kid who was manipulated by agents of the left to produce another false flag attack intended to produce the exact legislation which resulted. The false flag mass shootings and the terrorist attacks are used by the leftist socialist progressives as a gun grab intended to weaken the defenses of the American people. Its all part of a divide and conquer strategy used by the Marxists to grow government power and suppress the population. Sounds like a crazy conspiracy theory does it not? The problem is that it is actually happening. Barry from Honolulu is coming for your guns. He wants you disarmed and weak, he already broke us financially. Wake up you sleeping sheep.

Anonymous said...

I agree with 4:45p.m., Conn. needs to stop bending over for these thugs.They get better benefits then the working class people of Conn. and Hartford, enough with the cable TV in jail and prison,I remember a time about 25 years ago, I had to rush my husband to Hartford Hosp. we signed into the ER, then we were able to get into a room, but not until we had to sit for an hour, during that time while he was waiting and waiting to see a doctor, I stood by the door way, and saw two Police Officers walk a guy up to the front desk with another man, they were escorted into room number 1, and right away this guy was seen and taken care off, and I stood by room number 6, watching all of this take place, and thought to myself, is it because we are at the end of the hall, did they forget about us, what was going on here ? so I took a walk to the front desk and asked....I was told that this guy was escorted in by Police because he was a criminal and had to be looked at before he went to Jail..Really I said, so we as tax payers and working people get the end of the stick service, I was not happy about this, and did let them know. But when you really look around of what happens in the City and the State, you see more and more, like how they get special treatment when Prisoners have to go to court, drive down I-91 South into Hartford in the morning, they would escort prisoners down in a special vehicle down the HUV lane in the morning so they can get to court on time, while the rest of us sit in traffic in the morning, but again they get special treatment, I say enough with the special treatments ! and maybe they will think twice before doing the crime.



Sorry, but I guess I miss your point, if there is one. What is the comparison between a psychotic mass killer and a street level drug dealer with a death wish to get himself killed?