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Friday, January 22, 2016




(Jan 22, 2016) Monday, January 25, Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin will host a town hall on the Hartford Stadium Project. Earlier this week, Mayor Bronin announced that the City has received financial commitments from both the team and the developer to help fund a significant portion of the $10.3 million shortfall in the construction of the new Dunkin’ Donuts Park.

The event is an opportunity for Mayor Bronin to answer any questions residents may have about the agreement.


WHO: Mayor Bronin
WHAT: Town Hall on Hartford Stadium Project
WHEN: Monday, January 25, 2016; 5:00 p.m.
WHERE: Hartford Public Library, Atrium, 500 Main Street, Hartford 


Anonymous said...

Thanks Bronin. Another tax burden for the tax payers. How are you going to get the money???? From the hard working employees from the city of Hartford? I'm sure that's how you will do it. Cuts to negotiated contracts and furlough days for non union employees. Same old crap but this time with a career politician


Where were you when this project was being planned? City employees weren't very loud when Pedro was out buying caviar with taxpayer money or when SKB was rolling over City cars or when Jared was stealing them. Have you read the agreements on the Stadium to know who is paying for what? And if your Union's rally represented you, they would be saying no to givebacks until the City cleans up their own house. And what and where do you think the money would come from for the settlements and the litigation if we did pull out of the project that should have never been started in the first place.Direct your anger in the right direction, at Pedro Segarra and Shawn Wooden, not Mayor Bronin who is trying to make the best of a bad situation

Ahole said...

Kevin you hate towards the Segarra administration clouds your opinion of what things are truly going on. I'm not a union member for the city of Hartford so keep your opinions to yourself and what does caviar have to do with the current administration. Anyways as I have said in the past a big mouth doesn't make a big man. You have a big mouth but your not a big man. Want to make a difference run for office otherwise shut the hell up. But as you've done in the past you won't post this because you are selective in what information you put on your blog.


Obviously a bigger man than you, I don't hide behind anonymous, and I do t need to run for anything look at the facts this blog and I myself have exposed more and brought about more change than any Councilperson in the last several years

Anonymous said...

His mama may have indeed, named him "Ahole" because of her ability to predict his usefulness later in life.

I was opposed to this stadium almost from the beginning when the fateful press conference was given in front of city hall. I was a part of the group that began meeting at the Charter Oak Cultural Center. At one point, I gave valuable advice to the group but they refused to take it. They were so enamored of TV cameras being placed in front of their faces that they either didn't understand how lobbying works or thought it was a simple matter to constantly get their mugs in front of cameras.

City council always counts the calls, emails and letters. Big business knows this and that is why they always hire massive workers to pretend to be city residents and overwhelm city hall with support for their projects. I expressed this to the group, i.e., Anne, the group and no one thought this comment was very important. To give another example. When the old Society for Savings wanted to demolish Hartford's first skyscraper (and a valuable work of architecture) on the corner of Asylum and Main, the bank hir d lobbiests to swamp city hall. The now defunct Hartford Architectural Conservancy was ineffectual in responding with a bank of phones and encouraging a letter writing campaign.

It is really frustrating to watch honest efforts made with dumb tactics. In my opinion, we would have gotten at least one more vote to stop this madness had the anti Stadium group led a massive calling campaign. No one likes it when you say, "I told you so." But anti stadium protestors, "I fricken told you so."

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous @8:25 a.m.: "...enamored of TV cameras..."? You're coming from left field, my malcontent friend. You're casting the onus for the stadium debacle on the people who put 18 months of sweat and tears (fortunately, no blood) into well over a thousand hours of tireless activism and research, and yes--phone calls, letters, and speaking publicly until we were hoarse. Are you suggesting that if we employed other spurious tactics that we would somehow have stopped the Democratic majority on council (and I include WFP member Cynthia Jennings in that group), aided and abetted by a corrupt, lying administration, corporation counsel, and Director of Development from ramming their stadium through? Get real!

The main issue was that all the Monday-morning quarterbacks living in Hartford who are now bemoaning the project did nothing but sit on their asses and drink the city Kool-aid while one determined group did all the work. You left the group because your ego was too fragile to stick with it and keep on pushing. We had no "leaders", no "superstars", and we left our egos at the door. It was never about anyone's individual agenda--it was (and is) a true grass-roots coalition of concerned citizens. And we've been proven right, but that's a hollow victory; there's no chest-thumping coming from that quarter.

"...dumb tactics"? How interesting that a quitter and a self-enamored loser such as yourself is resorting to calling names to honest, sincere, and committed people. Maybe you don't like the way we did things, but in the end, what did YOU do? Nothing.



It ain't over til it is over. Maybe it is time to reinvigorate those voices to remove the Stadium Authority members and put some people on there that we as residents have confidence in. Rich Rothstein might be a good start, his research was always factual and right on point. Although Rick is no I.Charles, luckily

Anonymous said...


About your remark that I did nothing, quite the contrary. I emailed every councilman and one woman. I sat down with the few willing to listen and I count them on 3 fingers. The rest wouldn't even listen. I spoke to Maria Pedro and pleaded with him to look at this from another perspective. And I wrote letters. And sent email.

At end, I became disenchanted with the group when they showed and disinterest in my proposal. What I did listen to is how this 56 million could do so much good putting it in the school system. And I beg your heinous, but there was no 56 million. It didn't exist. And I have extreme problems when politicians keep disengeniously talk about pumping more money into schools. WRONG. Maybe society should address babies having babies and all of the concomitant educational, social, economic and developmental problems associated with teenage motherhood. The schools or its teachers are not to blame. Further, comments about socialism bothered me because this was about the stadium. Not about socialism.

I did email Bruce Rubinstein and asked him to examine my understanding of how council counts the letters and to try to get the group to understand the importance of that project. During the summer, I called a council staffer and asked how the pros and cons were coming in on the stadium. She told me most were in favor of the stadium. At first, I thought she was lying. But in hindsight, the letters were probably the result of an organized letter writing, emailing and calling campaign activated by the developers and club owner. No doubt in my mind. And I am sure that most messages were forged.

So your remark that I did nothing is totally off base. I recall how Society for Savings lobbied the council to get the permit to demolish the Hartford Aetna Building on Main St and Asylum. All the unions involved were corralled to lobby council and none of them lived in Hartford. I know this because I k ew the person assigned by the bank to organize it. This is the way city council and frankly, all politicians work. During my last meeting at the Charter Oak Center, after I stated the importance of letter writing, emailing and calling, a member of the audience,shall I say one from leadership, asked me to activate my idea. I thought that was a very strange thing to say. Instead, she might have acknowledged that it was a good idea and that the group would move forward on it. No sweetie, I left the group out of frustration and I continued to do things on my own. I did more than my share.

Anonymous said...


An addendum: Did you grid out Hartford and have volunteers go door to door with with a form to fill out so that you could put the signed statement into an envelope and drop it in the mail? That was the kind of work that was needed. I doubt it because no one ever knocked on my door. The big boys don't play around. Ya'll played around.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ahole, if there's any hate towards Segarra and his administration it's based on the miserable performance of Segarra and his administration, it's based on the scandals of Segarra and his administration, it's a result of Segarra's corruption and his administration. And, yes, it started way before the caviar, but was confirmed and came into light because of the caviar.
Kupiec, SKB, HFD, Hartford21 Market (missing $400K+ in case you forgot), DD Stadium, Dillon Stadium. It's a loooong, loooong list...

Anonymous said...

What's there to ask Mayor Bronin? He has got his own 'done deal', spending an additional $5,500,000 he doesn't have. Where is he going to get this money from? Is he's going to increase our taxes again? Same old, same old

Anonymous said...

He will probably cancel several HPD academy classes even though HPD's numbers are fast dwindling as well as cut many programs for a stadium no body wants.



Don't count on that. My understanding is that an Academy Class funding has been approved for 15 officers for the beginning of February and another class is slated to begin in August. There is also a proposal in the works to fund and hire 130 new officers over the next 3 years. It is a start for the years of the Segarra/Wooden/Kennedy neglect