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Wednesday, January 13, 2016


On Wednesday, January 13, 2016, at 1101 hours, Patrol Officers were dispatched to 52 Stonington Street in response to a report of a domestic dispute involving a threat involving a firearm. Upon arrival, Patrol Officers encountered the suspect Vehicle (a 2006 Honda Civic, 2 door, black, CT AB43940) leaving the property at a high rate of speed.

An Officer signaled the operator to stop but the operator did not comply and engaged the Officer in a pursuit. The suspect vehicle eventually entered Interstate 91 South at a high rate of speed. The pursuit was eventually terminated.

A passing motorist later advised Police that an item was thrown from the suspect vehicle on Interstate 91 North near exit 27. A blanket, rifle, and safe were located. The victim reported the suspect (her brother) demanded to know where his firearm was, left and returned stating, "I'm gonna kill you." "Where's my shit?" as he pointed a silver firearm to her head. The suspect entered the passenger front door of the suspect vehicle and left the property.


Anonymous said...

And they terminated that? They terminate that but chase junkies?!?!? Wow wow wow.....they better hope he doesn't come back and murder her!

Bill Katz said...

In my opinion, police chases should almost never be terminated. The bad guys know this now and are more willing to speed away with improved chances of escape. And these people be taken off the streets. There is a risk/reward here but the risk of injury by a pedestrian is outweighed by the reward of apprehension.

Anonymous said...

Police pursuits are just dangerous for civilians and the police. HPD is like other agencies, they have to adhere to the state law and pursuit polices. If the suspect crashes and civilians everyone wants to blame the police. Police pursuits rarely end well and cost the city millions.