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Tuesday, February 23, 2016


On February 22, 2016 at 10:02pm, Hartford Police Department Community Service Officers were working a proactive detail in the West End. As they were patrolling the area, they observed a person standing by Christine Grocery, 227 Sisson Ave. After patrolling for 15 minutes they observed the person still standing on the property. Officers then recognized the male and as being wanted for an outstanding warrant. Officers checked the suspect through dispatch and confirmed the active Hartford warrant. The male was handcuffed without incident. Incidental to arrest officers found a loaded Jimenez Arms 9mm firearm containing five live rounds, one in the chamber, and crack cocaine on the suspect.

Arrested: Joseph Grant 27 of Hartford, CT. (Convicted Felon, 15 Previous Hartford Arrests)
1.       Criminal Possession of a Firearm
2.       Carrying a Pistol Without a Permit
3.       Trespassing 3rd
4.       Possession of Narcotics
As well as Mittimus Prawn Warrant.
$500,000 Bond


Anonymous said...

Good job Turbo

Anonymous said...

Kev to answer your question only bad guys are carrying guns. We need to get more good guys carrying them!!! Get legal, carry religiously and refuse to be a victim!!

Anonymous said...


If good guys didn't have guns, then bad guys would have no place to steal them from.

May I repeat for the dense-minded at heart?

If good guys didn't have any fricken guns, then bad guys would have no fricken place to burglarize them from.

Do you need me to translate into Italian?

Loose translation: Va fan c**lo..

No warning shot said...

@ 4:19 PM

Cocaine cannot be made in the US, yet it still finds it's way here. Do you actually think that guns would be any different? Take guns from the good guys and only the bad guys will have them. If you would rather be a victim, I won't interfere with your right to do so. I chose not to.

Anonymous said...


You make no sense. What does cocaine have to do with how legal guns find their way into the black market? Please some day take a course in logic. It may help you to connect the dots.

Anonymous said...

@8:31 PM

I didn't say a word about legal guns. Stop trying to use straw men to advance your weak arguments. Pathetic.

Anonymous said...

It's because of idiots like you that society is the way it is. Such a liberal. What is needed are stricter laws for the criminal. But no people like you feel they deserve a second chance etc....

Anonymous said...


You are wrong again, JoJo. I happen to be conservative on many issues. Advocating for sensible gun laws is not a liberal verses conservative divide. You may deceive yourself into thinking it is. You appear to believe in the discriptions and labels of your hidden handlers. No doubt, you bow before the boob tube. Instead, I think for myself. I don't hide behind ideology to define my beliefs and principles. And I don't watch cable.

And you? Are you a foxbot supporter? How about a Bretbart Borg.

Aha, now we are making progress.

Anonymous said...


So, if restrictions could stem the illegal possession of guns, would you be supportive of such restrictions? Because you just advocated for such restrictions if it was proven that they worked.

Anonymous said...

Kevin I routinely post about the importance of purchasing a gun. I advocate learning the safe and correct way to carry it for the defense of yourself, your family or a 3rd person innocent party. To the anti-gun poster on this website let me remind you that George Washington didn't ask the British to leave, he shot them, with guns. Some people would rather enslave you then talk to you. The only thing that stops people from doing whatever they want is the police, we carry guns. I want all Americans that are of good morale charecter and not convicted of a crime to be able to CHOOSE to carry guns if they want to. If you choose not to that is 100% your choice and I support it. But don't you dare try to stop me from expressing one of the freedoms that our countryman died for over 200 years ago. It's not your place! Just like It is not mine to say you no longer have the right to free speech. If I'm attacked by a criminal who am I going to call? You with your pool noodle? I doubt it. Since your liberal ideas that come from the same place puff the magic does arn't going to protect people from criminals I'll keep carrying my guns.