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Wednesday, March 9, 2016


Here is more on Hartford's financial woes and the efforts to arrive at a solution. We will know more tonight after the meeting


Anonymous said...

It appears that the media can attend the meeting?


I would tend to doubt it.

Maybe there will be a statement afterwards but I think The media in the room would not allow for open, blunt conversation. Unless there are several Council members there to constitute a quorum, I don't think it falls under the FOI Public Meeting laws

The Mayor's spokesperson has been unusually quiet on this, no press releases like we usually get with every meeting the Mayor attends. The timing for the public revelation of this is unfortunate since there is an expected bond sale for the Stadium next week. I think ethically, anyone being approached or interested in purchasing the bonds should be given the full information as to the potential for what they are purchasing, kind of like a seller not telling you the house you are buying is loaded with termites.

Anonymous said...

Kevin, or that the house is located over a growing sink hole. I think that metaphor is more appropriate. I wonder what would happen if no one purchased the bonds. But that won't happen. Hartford is now, one cross district slum. And I am afraid to say, but it will only get worse. If one can afford it, leave. There is only one life to live.

"So Johnny, how is that capital city doing back East?"

Johnny: "It is in strong competition with Waterbury and Bridgeport to be First Armpit of Connecticut."

"Let's go surfing."

10-50 union president said...

Holton, where are you? Did you go to this meeting? I know you could care less, but at least try and appear to be a functional union president. You sold all the 25 year guys.

Anonymous said...

Holton you conman! What are you doing to keep the positive contract juices flowing?? Yah, big pension for the 20 year guys. All you guys escape off the titanic and sink the rest of us. Bronin will tear apart this department like warm bread.
New union leadership needed asap!!

Anonymous said...

So do something about Holton.....take a vote to impeach him and send him packing. It can be done, research it. Get rid of Holton AND Fig ASAP. Enough is enough already....act now!

KHARMA said...

Time for a vote of no confidence in Fig and Holton. I bet it would gain a lot more traction than the one Fig tried to orchestrate against Rovella

Figs make you sleepy said...

You gotta love the Union leaderships inability to see the forest through the trees. All this craziness going on, the impending contract negotiations and all Fuggy I'm mean Figgy can come up with is a vote of no confidence against Rovella???!!! We are screwed.
Turn your radio down and Go back to sleep Fug- You got a J in the morning.