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Wednesday, June 22, 2016


On 06/21/16 at 7:24pm, Hartford Police Department patrol officers and STF investigators
responded to 97-99 Enfield St. for a ShotSpotter activation with 4 rounds having been 
discharged in the driveway area. Upon arrival, officers located a female victim in the 
drive-way suffering from multiple gunshot wounds to the torso. The female victim was 
transported to St. Francis hospital where she was subsequently pronounced deceased. Officers 
located a second male victim in the rear yard of 98 Enfield Street, suffering from a gunshot
wound to the upper torso. The male victim was pronounced deceased on scene by EMS personnel.
A short time later a third male victim arrived at St. Francis hospital suffering from a 
single gunshot wound to the buttocks. MCD, CSD, OCME and an Inspector from the Chief State's
Attorneys office responded. The investigation is on going. Anyone with information on the
incident is asked to call the Hartford Police Department. Anonymous tips can be left at the
HPD website.

Victim#1: Ashley Spence, 04/12/95 (female deceased)

Victim#2: Cameron Mounds Jr., 02/15/97 (deceased)

Victim#3: Harold Cook, 04/04/77, Non-fatal GSW to buttocks

All victims are from Hartford.


Christopher Lyons retired HPD said...

It is surprising that there has been no commentary about the triple shooting on Enfield Street that left two young people dead. Aside from Reverend Henry Brown no one is saying a word. City political officials are quiet but that's not surprising. They never comment. He is the only one trying to get the public outraged about street violence and he puts himself on the line every day. If more people acted like him then maybe some of the citizens would stand up and tell police accurate information then some of the violent guys on the street would not be able to operate freely.

While our Congressional Representative in Hartford was singing on the floor about horrible murders in other parts of the state and country he has been silent about Hartford. US Rep. John Larson should use his political capital here in Hartford, not singing with US Reps John Lewis and Elizabeth Esty an the rest of the Connecticut Congressional delegation.

The three people shot experienced fear and extreme violence in the incident. Mounds and Spence were brutally murdered most likely for nothing.

The third person shot is a career criminal, a neighborhood devastator and someone better off warehoused away from everyone in society. But for now he gets to stand cause he can't sit based on where he was shot.



very accurate point. there were probably between 50 and 100 people on the street at the time of the shooting, and to the best of my knowledge and the information I have received, not one witness has come forward with suspect information.

Is it really possibly or believable that no one saw anything?

I understand the fear of retaliation, but this is never going to change if we continue to remain silent. Anonymous tips and information are welcome by HPD investigators

Anonymous said...


If you don't stand for something, you stand for nothing and that goes for our politician's also

Look how fast the sit in ended after Paul Ryan shut off the TV cameras in the House Chamber, that should tell you what a stunt it was

Anonymous said...

Harold Cook is a monster the shooter was prolly after him so sad an sickening

Anonymous said...

These so called black religious leaders an politicians an community leaders aren't worth SugarHoneyIceTea they only care about their pockets it's time to expose these crooks for what they really are

Anonymous said...

Where is black lives matter? Why aren't they protesting the black on black violence. I mean seriously... do black lives only matter when a police officer uses force on a black person? Where are they? Why is the media not all over this? Can someone please answer that.

Anonymous said...

Man you sound stupid number 1 Black Lives Matter is ran an controlled by White People name one Black person that's in control of black lives matter? Secondly black thugs an gangsters that terrorize black neighborhoods didn't take an oath to uphold the law an to protect an serve the community the police did !!!!?

Anonymous said...

Oh my... if anyone sounds stupid it's you!! You missed the point!! Weather it's white, black, Latino, Asian that run blm they should be out protesting the violence. Yes police took the oath to protect. And sometimes they have to use force to effect the arrest. It might not be pretty all the time but they have to. I bet if one of these thugs were shot by a white officer you would probably be one of the first idiot trying to start a riot. Point is the violence needs to stop. That was my point and both blm and the media should do the right thing. But they won't...

Anonymous said...

Man there is no movement untill then sit back an enjoy the show. Do watch tv!!!!!

Christopher Lyons retired HPD said...

That this double murder has not resulted in any more commentary from the public on this blog is troubling. It is like a double murder is common place, ho-hum activity where it happened.

The fear that is being spread by life long criminals on Enfield/Mansfield/Greenfield Street areas who have been in operation for over 30 years continues. They use fear and intimidation as "tools of their trade". The only time they were not active on the street as criminals was when they were incarcerated. All quality of life destroyers, ruining any possibility for a safe living environment for the the law abiding residents living in those areas. It is almost unbelievable that after dozens of arrests each, multiple felony convictions each that these same characters afflict the City of Hartford. In other states all of these men and women would be incarcerated for their lifetimes. But not here because drug selling is seen by those experts in State Government as not a violent crime. Drug dealers use guns, fear, intimidation, robbery and force to to their job and that is part of their daily routine. Guess for the city residents that does not rise to the level of violence.

The double murder on Enfield Street should spark a clarion call for the police and the public to come together to root out and remove these mutts from the city streets. One courageous citizen is all it takes to get rid of a violent criminal. Step up, help Hartford Police, tell them what you know and one by one these bad guys will fall. You will be safer. Your family will be safer and the neighborhood can recover.