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Thursday, June 30, 2016


The numbers for the first few hours of the blog poll above seemed unusual to me. I did something I normally don't do. For security reasons, a tracking program is attached to the blog. The program is meant to actually be able to identify any "anonymous" comments that might be threatening or disturbing.

I went to the software program today for my own piece of mid to see what was going  on. As they say, nothing on the internet is ever really anonymous. Not surprisingly, the majority of the comments or pro votes for Bronin were coming from "" ip  addresses , quite a few were also coming from the State of Connecticut-judicial branch  and the University of Connecticut ip addresses.

If only the Broninites could organize an effort so quickly to save Riverfest as they did to throw off the poll numbers.

I guess the only poll I need to take regarding the Bronin Administration and their performance is the one that matters, when I talk to people on the streets of our City because they actually live here , unlike many of Luke's staff

And yes, I do have screen shots of the IP addresses to prove what I am saying, but I'll save that for today

And once City Hall closed for the day , after 4:30 PM the positive votes slowed down and the negative votes really increased.. The games people play when the truth hurts


Anonymous said...

This must be the transparency we kept hearing so much from Bronin during the campaign

Bill Katz said...

Brookman, the kind of polling you offered was designed to go against th mayor. I have criticized some of the issues that the mayor has attached his name to. Such as waiting too long to throw out the band of thieves that were building the stadium. He should have pulled the bond the first time they failed to produce. I am in total favor of stopping all extraneous expenses. If Bronin was a little more astute, he would be out front in his town meetings. He seems to want theme-based questions only. If he was more understanding of the quicksand of local politics, he might have smartly donated a portion of his stash of political contributions to keep the fireworks on target. In the grand scheme, $100,000 or even just a show of support of $10,000.00 In the long run, this would build significant defense against the unidentified bullies (no doubt union members) whose non-stop criticism he faces daily including you. He is learning too slow.

I had hoped he would be more hands on with department heads. But no, he feels that his directors are doing his campaign mantra, "we can't afford to do business as usual? Guess what mayor, they aren't listening. Remember the Brookfield St fiasco, in which Public Works painted a bike lane. Than put up 5 bumps only for cars to drive around. Then, Public Works put bumps on the edges of the main bumps. This only made car drivers go through the bike lanes. Later Jim Ford proposed orange plastic posts to be placed on both sides of each bump. Guess what? The plastic dunce caps have been knocked over just as I predicted in the NRZ. Cars keep driving into the bike paths. Why? Because they can. Human nature. Please send one of your Public Works employees to pick up one of the orange caps. I picked it up off the street. Another one was totally destroyed by a car.

How much money does the city need to waste to fix this problem? Please answer the question? The only solution was to create a bump across the whole street. Why do we have such knockleheads to continue to waste tax dollars trying to figure out how to calm traffic. Boy am I mad. Take charge, mayor and stop thinking that your guidance is not needed at department levels. The same people who have made a career out of wasting resources continue to waste resources. Why did I need to fight with your staff to get a port-a-let that remained on the corner of Fairfield Ave and Freeman St for three months? It was a possible public health crises yet your staff responded that the toilet was on private property. There was human excreatement in that toilet for three months and your staff could only respond that it was on private property. Ignorance reigns throughout city government and if you can't take charge and make substantive changes, maybe we need to look for an alternative. And I say this as one of your remaining supporters. It's not too late. But it almost is too late. Take charge do think outside the box. It is your choice. I am expressing this as a friend.

Anonymous said...

WOW, amazing. This guy is going to go far, a dirty politician. I lost any respect I had left for him. I can't believe it, they are all the same. Afraid of the truth. Kevin, I was never a fan of yours. But I have to say, you have demonstrated to be an equal critic to any administration that is not serving the best interest of our citizens. I don't like your tactics, I don't like the name calling, I don't like the insinuations and many other things; but you apply it to all. Thanks

Anonymous said...


FYI, for the Mayor and all others that lied to you. The City Health Department has the authority to enter private property in any circumstance that the Health Director determine to be in detriment of Public Health. Moreover, in the presence of fecal matter the Health Director can order it to be clean within 48 hours. If the City is forced to clean it, it can recover expenses from property owner in court. They lied to you.

Bill Katz said...

Addendum to my diatribe above. It is a disgrace when one needs to blow his stack as I did over the issue of the port-a-let on Fairfield Ave. but truthfully, the only reason it was quickly remedied was on account of the expressed and implied things that might happen if the shit box was not picked up. One was that I might rent a flat bed truck, pick up the shit box and dump it at your doorstep, mayor. Another option I gave to 311 personal, who by the way, I think are not very well schooled in understanding and responding to major issues, but I suggested that the media should be an option to shed light on a simple problem that becomes such a mess for city government to handle - right, picking up a shit box that sat on that corner for three months.

I know you read this blog, Luke. So I will make you an offer. I will be happy to sit down with you and give you my perspective from the position of homeowner and resident living in one of the neighborhoods. Just have coffee ready. And I will do it because there still is a little piece of me that still likes Hartford. But it is not that big anymore.

Jeff said...

To organize that quickly an e-mail must have gone out....FOI time?

Anonymous said...

7:19. Well said. The clock is ticking - I agree it's not too late, but unless Bronin's leadership style changes quickly, and significantly, it will be.

William Moffett Jr. said...

Am I an asshole for fantasizing about a scenario similar to Mark Zuckerberg at the end of the film "The Social Network"; where Bronin is slouched over his lap-top, repeatedly hitting "refresh" on this poll, desperate to receive the online validation he feels is deserved?

Anonymous said...


Extremely funny. Every time someone votes no, I imagine he scrambles through his Rolodex as he approaches XYZ, he realizes that he has run out of friends and has decided to give Pedro Segarra a call for help.

Anonymous said...

Bronins latest attempt to validate his leadership is to ride around with Chief Rovella, a good professional that he intends to replace, and attempt to get publicity at shooting scenes. I couldn't believe it when I saw that snake Bronin get out of Rovella's car yesterday.