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Wednesday, July 13, 2016


And weeeer'e offfff.

We knew it was coming and it looks to be interesting. Centerplan Construction LLC, today filed for an injunction,essentially requesting the Court to override Mayor Luke Bronin and order the City of Hartford to return them to complete Dunkin Donuts Park. The 273 page document is below, as welll as substantiating exhibits to show Centerplan's side.

It will be interesting to see if this injunction is granted and goes down in history as the next major policy defeat for Bronin.

Much more to come on this


Anonymous said...

No court will ever grant this. Nice try though but shows their true colors.

Harshal Patel said...

Hartford agreeing to binding arbitration would have prevented this from happening. I have a feeling this will drag on for years.

Is it a coincidence that this lawsuit was filed the same day as the Stadium Authority having a meeting on Arch Insurance and the surety bond?

Willie Nunez said...

Carlesso and Goode scooped yet again by this blog. Their editor ought to transfer them to the house and garden section.

Anonymous said...

Kevin, I know it's none of my business ,but has the Courant or any other form of media approached you for hire? I know they don't pay well but you think it would be a matter of common sense by management to pursue you. And please don't get a big head ,you have been wrong on a few occasions.

Anonymous said...

I'm kinda likin' the signage of the park. And they did a good build out. That doesn't mean that this development was't doomed from day 1.

Answer: Small, selfish, provincial minds

Question: Who enjoys fleesing the public?

Anonymous said...

John Brown the great abolitionist who fought alongside Nat Turner was born in Torrington Ct Paul Robeson the great freedom fighter an activist was born in Enfield Ct can someone please tell me why there are no monuments or statutes or any literature in this state aknowledging what they did an the fact they are from Ct? Seems this liberal state wants to burry that history away in the basement this state sucks

Old man river said...

Anonymous must be a graduate of the Hartford school system.....Robson was born in New Jersey not Enfield Connecticut you dope.

Anonymous said...


That was funny.

Anonymous said...

So much for urgency even the court must not think so because the hearing on the tempoary injunction is not even till 8/8. Maybe by then Centerplan can locate actual signed contracts and notify their attorney that henri alexander is no longer the Corporation Counsel.
They can't even get their paperwork in order and they want us and courts to think they were capable of something more complex like building a ball park?


You must not be too familiar with our Court system, August 8th for the first hearing is actually pretty quick. There is a process that needs to be followed, including
serving notice, responding, filing appearances and motions. It doesn't just happen the next day in Civil cases it is not like you see onTV. As the saying goes, the wheels of justice turn slowly