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Friday, August 26, 2016


Hartford's albatross on its taxpayers is sitting empty and may be sitting empty and unused for some time. Even though it is sitting empty, the costs continue to add up, and according to a report released today by Hartford's Internal Audit Commission,. And the amount is far greater than the 63 or 64 Million that keeps getting quoted by the mainstream media,

According to auditors, the figure is  currently at $102million and rising. That number does not include approximately $5 Million dollars that the city owes for unpaid invoices from May

In the meantime we are still waiting to see the report from Arch Insurance that the Hartford Stadium Authority Chairman I. Charles Matthews promised us would be completed in two weeks... that was on June 6, 2016.

That figure also does not include litigation expenses and potential settlements or judgments as this mess moves forward, unsettled and unresolved.


peter brush said...

That the City embarked on this project at all was stupid and reckless. Apparently, it also acted with gross dishonesty. The State should step in to save the taxpayers, both Municipal and State, from the mess created by our democratically elected Charter guys. We need an appointed control board.
“This is a project that the prior administration began and, all told, the costs already outlaid are going to be approaching $100 million,” Bronin said. “Obviously, the developers went over budget and far behind schedule as far back as January. But the bulk of the costs that bring the stadium so high above what was told to the public are the fact that the prior administration simply agreed to pay, on the quiet, for all of these roadwork improvements that cost tens of millions of dollars.”
Hartford’s total investment in its minor league ballpark and related developments is over $102 million, according to a new report by city auditors.
Of that, $71 million was for Dunkin’ Donuts Park -- far more than originally contemplated. Nearly $16 million was for related roadwork and infrastructure, and almost $15 million was for the nascent mixed-use development surrounding the park.

Anonymous said...

This is a disadter. Where is that bas--rd Segarra, stand up in front of the cameras, give us an explanation of how you killed Hartford

Anonymous said...

Let me get it right:
Mayor Eddie robbed about 3-4 millions dollars from Hartford.
Mayor Caviar robbed about 100 million dollars from Hartford.
Hartford taxpayers paying the bills.

Anonymous said...

The dog lives at 31 woodland Street. I'm told he acquired a big dog and needed the president of the board of Woodland House to force the allowance through. William Cibes is the one who kissed his you know what.

Favors even in post politics. Maybe Pedro, Charley and big dog have a special relationship going on. Si?

Anonymous said...

Looks like corrupt Segarra did purchase 2 condo units on the 8th floor in 31 Woodland, using the name PEDRO SEGARRA, not Pedrito, Maria, Peter or Caviar.
Pedro did pay his taxes for both units - a little over $900 each - just days before tax collector Marc Nelson quit his job.

Anonymous said...

Pedrito had to get a place for himself, Charlie and the dog. After all, Charlie sold the house at 760 Prospect last month for a huge profit (selling price $615,000).

Anonymous said...

Who paid for the very expensive fence all around 760 Prospect? Kevin, wasn't it paid for by HARTFORD TAXPAYERS?
If this is the case, since Pedro and spouse Charlie O. made a $270,000 profit on that property, should they reimburse us for that cost?


No, I don't think the taxpayers paid for that. In fact I think at one point it became an issue because the appropriate permits were never taken out for the installation. Security enhancements like fences and cameras should not be the responsibility of the taxpayers, especially for a local Mayor

Anonymous said...

Attention FBI agents:
Pedro Maria Caviar Segarra moved. All subpoenas to be served at his new address.

Anonymous said...

Hey 11:44am, hopefully no subpoenas served on Segarra, hopefully he'll be picked up and thrown straight to jail.

Anonymous said...

With all this disastrous ballpark, does anyone know what's the status of the skybox dedicated to Ceasar Pedro and friends?

Peter Segarra said...

Sara and Luke have dedicated VIP skyboxes also