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Thursday, September 8, 2016


Our Country is at the crossroads when it comes to police relations. We in Hartford are very fortunate that the correct person was put in charge a few years ago to turn us onto the correct road when it was needed.

Chief James Rovella was the man to steer us then, and he is the right man to continue that course now. On Monday night the Hartford City Council will be voting on the resolution submitted by Mayor Bronin to renew Rovella's contract for two additional years. Common sense would say that the decision should be unanimous, but common sense is not always the strongpoint of politicians who are not driven by knowledge and understanding.

Chief Rovella, actually Chief Inspector Rovella  assigned to the Office of the Chief States Attorney at the time, was sent to Hartford in   July of 2011 to combat Hartford's problem of increasing gun violence. Through Rovella's creativity and experience the Hartford Shooting task Force was created  and immediately had a strong impact on Hartford's crime.

Although much of the success of STF can't be measured because we have no way of knowing how many shootings were actually prevented by their efforts, we don know the large number of weapons and the arrests made by STF have  had a huge impact on Hartford and its violent crime

Rovella's foresight was actually eventually copied in other cities such as New Britain and New Haven.

Chief Rovella was eventually appointed as the permanent Chief of HPD after the departure of Darryl Roberts.

I think one of Chief Rovella's greatest accomplishments was being "color blind" to the City's issues. For those unwilling to accept a middle aged white guy to command the City's Police Department, Chief Rovella immediately set about building bridges to the community and building the trusts and partnerships need to be successful treating everyone equally with respect and dignity.

 That has been a tough balancing act to work with the community and his officer's who sometimes see things in a different way. Actually my wording might be wrong there, it is not an act, it is who James Rovella is. And he has been very successful at it.

Part of that success has been because of his insistence on transparency and including the community as partners in their Police Department. And with Rovella, it is not only transparency on the good issues, it is transparency on all issues, the good , the bad and the ugly. Public Compstat and his openness to the media are both examples of that.  No one can ever say they don't know where Chief Rovella stands on an issue.

I know from personal experience, Chief Rovella has always been very candid with me when I ask a question, many times more candid than I ever expected. It is the reason I trust him, I don't think he has ever misled me and he has the same reputation across the community , from what I understand fropm those who have personally dealt with Chief Rovella and respect him.

So as the Hartford City Council contemplates their votes for Monday night, I hope they realize that every Police Department in the nation has the potential of being the next Ferguson or Baltimore. In Hartford, we are extremely fortunate to have a Chief like James Rovella who has building the bridges since day one to prevent that.

I would ask that Hartford City Council members, as well as Hartford Police Officers, to put their personal agendas aside and do what is best for the City of Hartford , the Hartford Police Department and most importantly the people of Hartford, Renew Chief Rovella's contract for two years.

And finally, I would implore the Hartford City Council as well as Mayor Bronin to fill the position of Assistant Police Chief  at HPD. And fill it with Chief Rovella's potential successor so that in two years, there is a smooth transition to Hartford's next permanent Chief. As much as I would like to see the next Chief to come from within, I know that is a LONG shot. But leadership demands that a vacuum not be created  by a lack of planning for October of 2018.


Anonymous said...


I agree with your advice to fill the A/C slot immediately and begin grooming the next Chief. I also agree that it is a LONG shot for the next Chief to come from within.

Deputy Chief Long is probably the most likely person to ensure a seamless transition, as well as the most capable on the current HPD command staff, but his career has been too professional, without controversy or discipline problems and he is extremely competent so that obviously won't fit in with the Hartford mold

Anonymous said...

I have a natural built-in suspicion with police. But I give this chief two thumbs up. I wish all cops were like him.

Anonymous said...

LATE BREAKING NEWS: The witch is leaving the school system. Ding dong, the witch is dead. Please Beth, don't let the door bop you on the way out.



Now that is a "done deal" we can support

Bruce Rubenstein said...

Chief Rovella has done an excellent job.

Anonymous said...

Continuation from 11:08

It's been said that Beth didn't understand the politics of Hartford and that she has fallen victim to this process. Yes, there is much crap to deal with in little old provincial Hartford. But bottom line, when a municipality is in such crises, you as Superintendent must manage closely, the waste. And sending a god damn group all the way to Florida for a silly award is not in the best interest of frugal oversight. And when the pedofile case materialized, it was her responsibility to grasp the problem fully and make strong administrative decisions. She didn't and this is what a fault her on.

Pa-lease, let's not anoint her victim of the year award. Unless of course, she flies to Florida to pick up her award. This should be a lesson to all administrators. Hartford is going down and it is encumbant on all administrators to be innovative with less.

Anonymous said...

98.6 % says
Funny how this post has almost no responses and they are all positive. You must be hitting the delete key a lot on this one Kevin.



I haven't deleted one comment. Maybe people that look at it objectively realize he really is doing a good job

Anonymous said...

The PD is in disarray everyone is miserable especially people of color morale is at an all time low but we will let you tell the story Kevin smh

Anonymous said...

Godbless all the people that lost their lives on 9/11 2001


And God bless our first responders that serve us today.

Fig Newton stands up for division 25 vs 20. Sits back down when it's 20 vs 25. said...

In response to why there is silence negative comments regarding Rovella:

We've said it too many times before, this police department needs a new chief. He's not the best, and he's not the worst...he's mediocre at best.

There doesn't seem anyone who is willing or capable of stepping up to the plate right now, so now were desperately have to use him for the transition.

Breakdown of weekend warrior chiefs:

Ford = 5 Day suspension. Angry racist.
Buyak = Would be best, but probably said no to it.
Foley = gone to greener pastures and hit the ceiling at HPD.
Rendock = more introverted than Rovella.
Long = is the cities feared white male.

From what I've heard, Chief Rovella has great connection with the community. Unfortunately he doesn't have any connection within the department. If he could have that connection to this department that the community raves about, maybe he'd get the support from the troops.

Then again it's easier to be a pretender in chief to the community that it is to the cops. So he may be hiding upstairs because he can't BS to the downstairs.

Oh well two more years of a smoke and mirror police department.

Hopefully he can push through a 14 car plan through. So there can be more CSO's and STF pretending to be important than there are cops being important. (Holt-dog won't stop him, he's busy gymin it up during the week and working traffic details on the weekend)

BONUS: With the murder rate down, he'll be able to keep funneling all that money to the STF. It's never going to stop!!

Anonymous said...

Rob Ford has received a 5 day suspension ,and is a angry
racist. Just ask Adam Damaine who still has an expresso coffee
maker and walks around with a terrible attitude.

Christopher Lyons retired HPD said...

Good afternoon,

One thing that Chief Rovella is not is mediocre. He is a class mate of mine, Class of 1981 when policing was not as different as many would like to think. Jim has been a credit to the department every day of his careers there (police officer and Chief)and no anonymous commentary or pseudonym identity basher will change that. He works non stop and maybe he should get to patrol once in a while but how about this., He is your Chief, a regular guy and is very approachable. Anyone wanting to learn about investigations would benefit from talking to him.

He has to work with a city council that is hostile to policing, not enough staffing, about 150 officers short to to everything that "experts" want done and a budget mess that will not get better in the near future.

Get behind the Chief cause there is not anyone behind him except for Chief Buyak that would do the job.....

Anonymous said...

Hey Lyons,please answer honestly and give your opinion/advice on how to fix the substation issue. I drive past the substation on the corner of Broad st and New Britain Ave on a routine basis ,the parking lot is never empty,usually 2 to 3 cruisers sometimes 4 and 5 at any given time of day. The blinds are always shut tight ,you would think it was a front for a massage parlor or a swingers club like the one on Hillside Ave. The other substations also have cruisers sitting there. This staffing shortage claim is lame while this is going on.Here's my question,,,if staffing is so short how can there be that many cruisers available ,all day,everyday????? Either they have to build attached garages to hide this behavior or they have to start cruising around. You agree Chris? How about you Kevin? Maybe I'm just jealous ,I would love drink fresh espresso at work too,,,

151 10-3 ? said...

Just think adam, in a couple of short months the one that protects you will be gone. Now what ? You better get your act together before you go to patrol. The game is coming to an end. There is no one left for you to manipulate. Everyone left here knows your games. Enjoy these last moments in your spot. Change is coming.

The fact is that you usually screw up every six months, either lying to your supervisors or abusing the pj system. Its just a matter of time. I seriously doubt that you keep that position for 12 more years.

Its pretty sad when most pj crews know you by name.... Eversource, underground, and Cng especially. The cng crew that you tried to get to sign your slip when you arrived stated that you will never be on their jobs again.

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Adam Damaine should no longer be a cso. why doesn't rovella
take action and put him in Booking where he belongs. Adam already said
he is afraid to be assigned to Booking. Rovella knows this kid Adam is
a clown and knuckle head who doesn't like to work ,always late to work
and has a conflict with Rob Ford. All Adam does is bad mouth Ford.

2 + 2 = 4 said...

Demane has been in that spot too long. Put some new blood there. A fish or Ky would do probably triple the work and actually stay in the city for their entire shift. These new radios are great and even get reception in wethersfield , fyi.

Name 3 officers here adam that think you do a great job? Exactly, you are going to be the weakest link. And all your hidden non approved hotel apartment hide outs.

Anonymous said...

That horse next to chief rovella could do just as good a job as adam demane.

Booking soon .... said...

demane is ok. Hes been around the block and knows the system. Now let me state that i would not want him as my 99 in a 10-00, but i would like him on my downtown 10-16.
And why has there been zero demane bike details through the downtown? I seen gentry everyday on her bike. Going to patrol calls and greeting the community.
I guess its the needs of the few instead of the needs of the many , right adam?

Pasta me primavera said...

Ford needs to inspect the central district a little more. The north guys lead the way. Morales and jones set the bar. Demane and others are pretty nervous and red in the face to go past albany ave. Plus there is no where to eat or get an espresso.....

Chop chop said...

What to do with a lazy money hungry twelve year veteran who has manipulated his position. Suggestions ?

Anonymous said...

We all know that deMane yes adam Demane ,should not be
on the job. But Rovella will do nothing as usual, and Demane
will be allowed to be a cso hide in hotel rooms , go home
on duty and scam the P J System.

Anonymous said...

I heard city council an the other big wigs want Rovella gone well see what happens



You are hearing wrong.

Anonymous said...

So when is the latest adam demane lazy saga get posted? Adam probably gave the agave owner a shrug because of the lack of a meal discount over there.
Only certain businesses such as salute and trumbull grill get premiere demane treatment. Sooner or later adam, you push some patrol calls and work an actual 8 hr shift.
Oh and by the way, keep threatening the downtown construction crew at gold st. You have zero authority to shut any job down.

Anonymous said...

Word is adam hired a defamation lawyer and I said going to sue Brookman this should get interesting


For what? The truth?

Anonymous said...

Demane can hire kermit the frog. First off, any lawyer worth their weight will demand a large retainer. Second, there is zero that can be done except send mean cese and disist letters. There are far greater fish to fry around these parts.
Third, im pretty sure we could round up all the dozens, yes dozens of citizens that will testify that demane is one of the most lack luster performer in the police force. We will start with Cng employees, then proceed to eversource employees. And then maybe we will hit the print button on the kronos system from last year. Those double pay holidays days with one call for service will raise an eyebrow or two.
Fourth, brookman is still breathing, and can run circles around the foi laws/ freedom of speech. Good luck wasting your stinky pinky cash.

So adam, if it makes you feel strong and mighty to brag and still degrade chief rovella, be my guest.

The Truth Hurts, Adam said...

I hope Demane has a backup plan if he is stupid enough to poke Brookman's hornet nest.

Anybody that reads this blog knows Kevin doesn't usually lose, just ask Eddie Perez, Ken Kennedy, Carlos Huertas, Pedro Segarra, Kamil Stachowitz and the list goes on and on. Most of the incidents mentioned here regarding Adam can be documented quite easily, even the espresso machine nonsense is documented on radio recordings. The truth may not be pretty, but it is what it is and maybe Demane should think about changing his ways instead of making idle threats, and as 11:20pm said, Kevin is a master with gathering information and using the FOI statutes to get what he wants, a few simple FOI requests for payroll, Kronos and activity logs would be enough to bury Demane

Anonymous said...

the only thing adam demane did was cry and wine to a bunch of supervisors. These supervisors are smart enough to not involve themselves in adams conspiracy theories.
95 percent of the supervisors here know adam is a lazy manipulating person and want nothing to do with him. The truth hurts. But it is the truth.
My advise to you adam is not to anger brookman. He is much smarter then you ... I calls, call sheets, and other avenues will paint a pretty sad picture of your career