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Friday, January 20, 2017


This has been coming for some time. I posted about it months ago, but apparently former Hartford Councilman and outcast  attorney Corey Brinson today made it official and plead guilty to money laundering charges. The deal as explained to me last year included at least 2 years in Federal prison for Brinson, although a longer term may be in line now when he is sentenced

Here is more about Brinson's legal troubles as well as a link to the original blog post


Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!

For years Corey has been boasting about how prosperous he was and posting pictures of his fantastic lifestyle. His fancy house (rented). His helicopter rides. His expensive cars. His white suits. His sumptuous meals and champagne at the casino. And then he moralized about how it was all the result of hard work. Corey would have us believe that people who didn't have what he had just weren't as tough as him or did not work as hard.

His colleagues in the legal community smelled a rat. The honest practice of law is at best an upper middle class profession, even if you are smart. Of the many things Corey has been accused of, being smart has never been one of them.

Anyone who raised questions about Corey was accused of racism, or picking on a guy who had "made it out of the 'hood." Look at the sad comments defending Corey in response to Kevin's November post. Wait 'til they hear there's no Santa Claus, either.

Today's plea proves that Corey was not only faking his lifestyle all along, but he was willing to steal that lifestyle from innocent people.

Google Earl O'Garro's wedding pictures including the classic of Corey dancing on a chair. Why can't guys like Corey or Earl O'Garro just be happy with a boring middle class lifestyle? Save enough to make a 20% deposit on a 2,500 square foot house in the 'burbs, pay the mortgage faithfully, drive a 7 year-old car, mow your lawn, pay your taxes, save a little money here and there. You don't have to steal to have all that. If Corey did this, he would have been a true role model to kids in the city.

Why the phony gangster act, with the moralizing about struggles, hard work and dreams?

No tears will be shed for this sociopathic clown.

Anonymous said...

Tears will be shed correct me if I'm wrong the mayor of Bridgeport is a convicted felon no???

Anonymous said...

Cory should have pleaded guilty months ago so Obama would have had time to commute his prison sentence.

Silly rabbit said...

200k over 6 years in 33 pet year. I don't know how Corey could purchase all that on a secretary salary