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Tuesday, January 24, 2017


The Saint Patrick's Day Parade is quickly approaching. This Sunday, the Hartford Parade Committee will be holding a fundraiser to help defray the costs of putting the parade on.

Please join the Hartford St. Patrick's Day Parade committee for our annual fundraising event at the Polish National Home on 60 Charter Oak Avenue, Hartford from 1:00 to 5:00PM

This year, Hartford is proud to honor:
--Father Tom Gallagher, of Saint Patrick Saint Anthony Church as Town Marshal 
--Meghan Freed and Kristin Marcroft, Hartford attorneys, as Town Honorees. 

There will be delicious food, raffle, and good times to be had. 
Donation: $25/cash bar


Anonymous said...

Kevin,Sorry for being a D#%K and putting a damper on parade day,,,BUT why can't Hartford figure out a way to keep the THOUSANDS of people who come on parade day and stay after it ends???? New Haven utilizes their Green for after parade festivities,why can't we use Bushnell Park in the same fashion? Kevin please help facilitate a post parade celebration


You might want to take a walk around downtown after the parade. The Russian Lady, salute, pigs Eye, mckinnon's , Vaughn's and most places downtown are packed by parade goers. And rather than funnel everyone into a park, this is actually an economic benefit to Hartford businesses trying to make a living

Anonymous said...

It is the one day bars depend on to make some money. But if going to the Russian Lady block, be sure to keep the noise level to an absolute minimum so you don't upset Sarah Bronin!!!

Ernie said...

Kevin, did you see this?

Eddie Perez will be headed back to court with two SEPARATE trials for the two separate charges. The judge denied his motion to dismiss the charges.

Anonymous said...

If they base their business model on one day of sales, I would suggest a different line of work . The drunkenness, the litter, the numerous fights, as well as the numerous violations of 4-3, and various other liquor laws shouldn't be encouraged or tolerated



I don't think anyone said they base their business on one day, but it is definitely one day that helps the bottom line. Have you ever observed other "cultural events" in the City to see what goes on? The Saint Patrick's Day parade is tame compared to others, and the Parade Committee actually pays their bill to the City every year instead of being a drain on the City's budget

Pastor Pablo said...

The West Indian parade and the Spanish parade are less volatile than the Irish parade check the stats


Pastor Pablo,

Can you please enlighten us as to those stats? if you even have such "stats" or if they exist. The Saint Patrick's Day Parade is one of the safest events held that attracts such large crowds. I have never heard of one gun arrest or a homicide at the Parade, or afterwards.

Can the events you mention say the same thing?

Pastor Pablo said...

Kevin as far as serious crimes shootings maybe a stabbing here or there no but as far as bar fights fist fights in which I can name a few of your favorite hartford police officers were involved in but the cases were either dismissed or thrown out yes the Irish parade has more you really want to go there coarse I can name names and cases ??!!!


Pastor Pablo, Bring it on if you have it, but I am willing to bet you have no clue what you are talking about. And if you are going to start posting allegations, please have the guts to use your real name. Again, I am willing to bet you wont do that either.

Racism can take many different forms, and making negative comments such as yours without any backup is racist.

And yes, I am proud of my heritage and willing to defend it

Minister Malik said...

Let us all take a moment and pray for Pastor Pablo.