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Wednesday, March 1, 2017


Whether it is the warrant applications for a couple of rogue Troopers or the amended complaint in Centerplan vs. the City of Hartford, these normally boring court documents are providing some interesting reading. The devil is in the details as the saying goes.

Just in the first few paragraphs of the Centerplan lawsuit are a few statements that should raise a few eyebrows, including those of FBI investigators looking at the project.

In the documents Centerplan claims that former Mayor Pedro Segarra formulated a plan to "lure" a minor league baseball team to Hartford.(paragraph 5)

Centerplan also claims in paragraph 8, if true, that Mayor Segarra's plan was actually a move to build support for Segarra's 2015 election campaign. To put the City on the hook for millions just to build support for his failed re-election is immoral and should be criminal. I guess the courts can look at that eventually.

Take the time to read the complaint, it is very interesting, like I said, if it is true.

I often wonder why Dunkin Donuts would want their good  name anywhere this mess?


Anonymous said...

This is a salacious read, they threw enough caca out there to cover all their bases, including a dig at Sara Bronin. Comes across as a last ditch desparate attempt to throw enough crap on the wall with the hopes something sticks.

And it appears Centerplan was happy to be part of any scheme until it got turned on them. Kind of sweet justice.

Anonymous said...

No dig was thrown at Sara. She was meddling in the non sense long before Luke was elected under the Segarra administration.

Anonymous said...


Exactly. Sara was showing good diligence on this steamroller scheme to really, defraud the tax payers. This project began long before Segara felt he needed to use this project to enhance his chances for reelection. The argument of This Centerplan petition sounds so unsupported and foolish. They will get no where with their legal argument.

This is the background to the poor decision to pick these ignorant people. I think the direction of the FBI investigation should focus on the lack of oversight and the decision to pick such fools. In my opinion, there is an outside chance that Segarra himself could be implicated in a federal case. The Feds won't name him unless they have a strong case so watch for his name being included. Kevin understands this and leakers will no doubt contact him.

Will there be protests on opening day? Does anyone know?