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Monday, April 3, 2017


The video below is from the evening session held for the public to hear from the two candidates for Superintendent of Schools. See who you think is the best equipped to lead Hartford's Schools into the future.

 This video was posted by Stan McCauley to under a contract with the Hartford Board of Education


Jay Dels said...

Makes me sick to hear torres speak just another corrupt yes man! People knew weeks ago that she was going to be the superintendent! As parents we can hope for a miracle that mr Sullivan gets the job he deserves.

Anonymous said...

Tim Sullivan is the best choice !!!!!

Anonymous said...


You write about transparency. If you believe in what you write, you will post this or you can hide it like you have others regarding the negatives about Sullivan. Either way, I encourage you to post all opinions as long as the author follows the rules of common decency. The people of Hartford deserve a forum where all opinions can be voiced, not just those of the elite and the self proclaimed royalty of our city.

Standing ovations? Is the American Idol? Seriously??

The crowds at both the morning and evening sessions were stacked with the people organized by Sullivan. I watched and listened over the past few weeks as his supporters have "staged" the grassroots support. When the supporters clapped as he divulged his DCF referral, any doubts whatsoever were gone. It was all a show and the decision makers saw right through it all.

Now he will have surrogates stir the pot to make things difficult for the superintendent and the board so we will see his face again in three years if he is successful in causing disruption. It begs the question of motive when we watch them tear at the Superintendent and board rather than work together for the students and families of our community.

Sounds like this is the new normal in government. We have deteriorated to a political morass of ego, hurt feelings, and stomping our feet if we don't get our way.

Anonymous said...

Tim Sullivan was not chosen because he was public about cutting high profile jobs at central office. The Hartford Board members are a group that have many close connections even family that are employed at central office. Obviously they choose Leslie because they feared for the jobs of their friends.

peter brush said...

In the past 25 years, just one Hartford superintendent has served longer than three years and eight months on the job: Steven J. Adamowski, the brash leader who took over in fall 2006 and retired from the district in mid-2011 after pushing through the city's education reform plans.
Our recently departed Super lived in West Hartford. I think she might have school-age kids. How could she have possibly met the residence requirement of her $250,000 contract?
Mz. Torres-R. lives in East Hartford. It shouldn't be any where near as difficult for her to move her family here to New England's Rising Star and Dan Malloy's most pathetic school district.
Any bets on whether she'll exceed our three-year max term of office?

Anonymous said...

Hey anonymous at 9:05 am, I'll bet the farm you either went to Florida last spring with 30 co-workers to "accept an award" or supported the trip that sent 31 of your friends to enjoy pina colada's on the beach for "doing their job" The days are numbered for the pigs at the trough in Central office . I suppose you also believe that Trump voters stacked and staged,,,hey buddy not everything is a conspiracy

Anonymous said...

Greeting 6:04,

You would have lost your farm. On every count.

Trump did not stack or stage He won based on the will of all of the people who voted for him. As I did.
Those stadiums filled with supporters were not hand picked and put up for show.

The waste of the elite from central office is something that will be cut as it must be.

And most of all - - I would not drink a piƱa colada at gun point.

The schools are now in the hands of the people of Hartford. They will be the masters of their fate.

If they let their guard down they have to understand that the Nightmare that the losers' party is creating for the administration will be the fate of the district.

Let it be known that three strikes and your out will not be the case for Sullivan. His cabal will be plotting and disrupting behind the scenes so the Public Comment can be filled with the voices of his supporters.

We can only hope that the dignified words of conciliation are followed by dignified and supportive actions.

Make America (and Hartford) Great Again!

Anonymous said...

Kevin,Why is it that a big portion of commentators miss what are obvious attempts at cynicism,dry humor or at its simplistic form ,A JOKE ! 10:56am must have drank or smoked something other than a pina colada. Hey 10:56am "LIGHTEN UP FRANCIS" !