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Saturday, May 20, 2017


This picture below was posted on Facebook this morning.

It would appear to me that people are finally seeing through the "Kingdom of Luke" and his "Town Hall Tour" and his related publicity stunts to attempt to further his political career, and the careers of those around him.

Luke how about some reality and leadership instead of stunts.

How about treating people with dignity and respect instead of treating them like subjects of your monarchy?  I would think we would get a lot more from our unions if you left the room and we could get someone to sit at the table that they could trust and treated them with respect.

And enough of the false hopes and promises. To tell residents that $40 million dollars from the State was almost assured was disingenuous, if not an outright lie. And the front page of the Courant this morning pretty much assures us the opposite.

How could any legislator vote to bail out Hartford when we still refuse to help ourselves. That might be a tough sell to their constituents. Explain why you voted to give money to Hartford while at the same time they cut funding to their own towns. Sounds like a tough sell

I know, PILOT.., unfair, It's the States fault, blah blah blah. Keep repeating it , someone might start listening. In the meantime, what are you going to do to fix it? It might work in the Kingdom of Luke, but isn't working with the real people in the real world.

And what good will $40 million dollars make if you still refuse to make any structural changes as you have not done in your first year and a half. Your crash and burn mentality when it comes to City employees and Labor Unions is getting us nowhere , as you continue to fund useless positions that only make you feel more secure as opposed to making the City more secure.

It is kind of sad though, some of Luke's ideas might be somewhat sound, but his delivery and communication skills are terrible and the rapidly growing mistrust is not going to help.

In the meantime, if you would like to be part of the Wildlife Safari Tour, mail your checks in today to be first in line. All deposits are non-refundable. In true Bronin style, the money will be spent before it is even received. Please make checks payable to "Bronin for Mayor 2019 Re-election Fund".

The last sentence of the flyer mentions "to win Donald Trump style" Do we have our own "mini-Trump" in the making?


Anonymous said...

Kevin Brookman is saying "Bronin Re-election Fund."
Sounds more like "Bronin Resignation Fund."

Anonymous said...

Brookman... whoever posted that should be the mayor of Hartford. That's the kind of imagination we need around here !

Anonymous said...


The only good thing is that if Hillary had been elected, Bronin and the real Mayor Sara would have been out of here, or so they had thought. The Bronin's an the Malloy's could have shared a moving van to get out of CT

Anonymous said...


If Clinton had been reelected, Malloy would have been smelling Washington springtime tulips. Bronin would have sniffed the governor's old chair. But you go on and on about how much a bad boy Bronin is. He did one wrong but big wrong; Instead of trying to negotiate directly with the unions, he went to the legislative side and thereby, created a permanent negative. I am not one of his chair leaders by any means. But understand, those who bring news of defeat are themselves, defeated.

What can he do? Not much. He inherited a 70-90 million debacle expense and now, no surrounding town has any sympathy for Hartford. The slum movement in Hartford has for all intent and purposes, become one contiguous plain. He is in a thankless position. You keep harping on his ambitions. Frankly, every mayor has had such ambitions. It is unfair of you to heap this repeated acqusation.

The fact is that the state has no money at the same time that the city has none. What would you do? Unions fought hard to have a good conditions as possible through the decades. They did their jobs. It is very hard to take away these gains. But the gains are non conforming to present economic circumstances. I can't understand why anyone would be offered a pension before the age of 65. Sixty fricken five. As a business owner, I work until I croak. Retirement pensions are only means to get another job while collecting. This concept, in my opinion, has been corrupted a long time ago. I have been around city employees and do you realize that the main topic of conversation is always about how much time (along with vacation time) they are earning?

Bottom line; Hartford is continuing on a downward spiral. More dysfunctional and dispossessed live here then ever before. Hartford is fortunate that there is a relatively vibrant downtown. But downtown cannot pay for the rest of the city. And frankly, there is not one reason a company would want to move to Hartford. And there never will be. Well, maybe a dirt-moving business.

We all sound like a gaggle of ducks being threatened as the water pond becomes smaller. I am one and so are you. Frankly, if those employees no longer want to work for less benefits, there is a long line waiting to take their places.

Anonymous said...

I think we should look at the politicians pensions first. Full pensions for as little as 4 years of service. Most of them do a horrible job. This governor is going to collect a pension for running the state into the ground, for 8 years of service.