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Thursday, May 4, 2017


On April 5th I posted about false claims directed at me during a community meeting by Mayor Bronin. You can read that posting about the meeting here :

Bronin claimed that I was being critical of his hiring of a new communications person, at the same time he had laid off lifeguards for Hartford's indoor pools. Bronin told the people in attendance that I was upset because I had applied for the communications position and he wouldn't hire me. In retrospect, it is probably a good thing I never applied because I would most definitely have quit by now.

As I had stated in the April 5th posting, Bronin had come into my hospital room at Mount Sinai Hospital where I was going through physical rehabilitation after a stroke in July of 2015. Bronin, who was running for Mayor at the time was trying to get my support for his campaign. I told him that I was already supporting retired Probate Judge Bob Killian and that wasn't going to change, Before leaving Bronin said that if I changed my mind, there would "be a spot for me" if he won. If I remember the conversation correctly, he asked me where "I could see myself" and I believe I said  "in Communication's".

That was the end of it for me, There was no application, no submitting a resume, NOTHING.

I think Bronin knew he was lying, as he had to have known I never applied for anything, but it was an attempt to discredit a critic of his in public. Typical politics.

Again to quote Mark Twain, "If you always tell the truth, you never need to remember the lies". Good advice for Mayor Bronin.

The truth is I never applied for anything with Bronin as evidenced by the FOI request below. The truth is Mayor Bronin "You can't handle the truth". And Luke,  you still have my sympathies for being in so far over your head.

My FOI request for the application Mayor Bronin claims I submitted:

And the response from City Hall receive today:

"No records were found", so who is telling the truth Mayor Bronin? That "transparency you campaigned on can be a double edge sword. Maybe it is  time for Mayor Bronin to take a trip to the Mark Twain House.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like Bronin made you a job offer in your hospital room that was a quid pro quo, Kevin. You are the first person I have ever heard of that got a job offer while they were an inpatient in the hospital but I guess there is a first time for everything. It is common knowledge Kevin , that you are very adept at utilizing FOI requests. Bronin should have known that.

Matt Poland said...

Politics, especially in Hartford, are always quid pro quo. The pampered King, however, is not very good at it -- or anything else.

Anonymous said...

Takes one to know one Mr. Poland! You were quite pampered yourself at the Hartford public library until they ran your _ss out. Wasn't Bronin on your Library board???

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 11:40 AM Yes, they did run his ass out--but only after years of his dedicated stewardship that brought HPL up to its world-class library status. When Bronin realized that Mr. Poland was not--and never would be--a supporter of the little king, he ordered his execution. That's the way the mayor rolls, just as he also took revenge on non-supporter Kevin Brookman by smugly and rudely telling a blatant lie about him in a public arena. That's how our classy Rhodes Scholar deals with people, because he has to get his own way...or else.

Anonymous said...

All you clowns fell for Bronin, HPD, HFD, DPW, BOE....fools you all were, paying the price now.

Anonymous said...

Oh no! It was the library board that kick his ass out not Bronin. He was such a bully to his senior staff. Matt Poland was the type of guy who is on facebook and twitter all day long or was traveling on the Hartford's taxpayers expense. I wouldn't credit Mr. Poland for bringing our library up to world class standards, it was the work of the real dedicated librarians that made our library for what it is today.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 8:30 AM "...traveling on the Hartford's taxpayers expense."? You mean work-related travel? Yes, that's paid for as part of the job. And you're deluded if you believe the library board didn't do Bronin's bidding. By the way, are you saying that you were a member of Matt Poland's senior staff? If so, I'm amazed that you got that far, because your grammar is atrocious.