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Thursday, November 2, 2017


Apparently Mayor Bronin doesn't understand that he is only a good as the people he surrounds himself with.

Bronin today announced that he will be elevating Leigh Ann Ralls to the position of Finance Director to replace the exiting Darrel Hill. 

Ralls won't have very big shoes to fill  after Darrel Hill leaves, which in this case is probably a good thing. For those not familiar with Ralls work, when she was interviewed in the past by City Auditors regarding abuse of City Credit Cards, she explained that the numbers were off because many of the receipts were not recorded properly and instead were found in a shoebox on a shelf in her office. From the Auditors Report it stated  she told the Internal Audit Commission that the P-card problem had been solved when all of the missing receipts were found in a shoe box on a shelf in the Finance Department .

 Her statement made it seem that this method was an accepted business practice in City Hall.

Well , I guess on the bright side ,the City is already broke, so how much damage could she do?

A quick search of the blog will bring up other content about Ralls. At least with the added responsibility, Ralls should be able to enlarge her circle of influence when it comes time for increased sales of Girl Scout cookies to her staff that answers to her and feel obligated to buy her treats

From Mayor Bronin to the Hartford City Council: 

Dear Council President Clarke and Members of the City Council:
As you know, Darrell Hill will be leaving his role as Director of Finance and CFO effective this Friday.  Darrell has served the City in senior positions since he arrived in Hartford in 2014, and I know you join me in thanking him for his hard work and dedication.  We have benefitted from his expertise and experience, and wish him all the best as he pursues new opportunities.
Though I have spoken to many of you informally, I wanted to formally share with you our plan to ensure a smooth and effective transition of responsibilities. 
First, I have asked Director of Management and Budget Melissa McCaw to assume additional supervisory responsibility as Interim Chief Financial Officer.  As you know, Melissa has more than fifteen years of experience in budgeting and financial management at the state and local levels, as well in higher education.  She is a tremendously skilled and trusted leader on our team, and I am confident that she will be an outstanding Interim CFO.
Second, I will be nominating Leigh Ann Ralls to the position of Director of Finance, reporting through the Chief Financial Officer.  Leigh Ann has managed key accounting processes as well as financial reporting for the City of Hartford since 2006, and she has twenty years of experience in public accounting.  She has served as Acting Director of Finance on multiple occasions in the past, and I am glad she is willing to continue serve in this critically important role.
The Department of Finance will continue to house many of its existing divisions, including Accounting and Control, Tax Assessment, Tax Collection, Procurement, and Human Relations.  The Capital Improvement Program and Risk Management functions remain part of the Finance Department, but will report directly to the Chief Financial Officer.  We will also be moving the Revenue Management division from the Department of Finance to the Office of Management, Budget and Grants, reporting to Melissa in her role as Budget Director.
I believe that this modest reorganization will allow for a more appropriate and manageable division of responsibility and authority, and will best position both the Finance and Budget Departments to continue their work as effectively as possible.  
Please feel free to reach out to me should you have any questions.
Luke Bronin


Anonymous said...

Leigh Ann Ralls may bring back Amy Stewart. Leigh Ann Ralls constantly covered for Amy huge blunders, see internal audit report regarding Amy's incompetence in the tax office. Leigh Ann was in a position to call for accountability bit cover3d for her.

Anonymous said...

I too was forced to buy Girl Scout cookies from the secretary’s grandkid at the HFD training academy in 1994 per order of Chief Bindes , he instructed us to buy at least one box , of course the brownnosers in class but more.That shitbag was blessed that this blog didn’t exist at that time.

Lou Diamonds said...

What about senior poloce officers and ranking officers that never speak to the new guys but strong arm us and corner us to buy raffle tickets or bachelor tickets for parties and make us feel like Shit if we refuse can we stsrt naming them on this blog Kevin?

Alligator Arms said...

Really Lou. Stop being so cheap and reach into your pocket. One day there will be a bachelor party, benefit or party for you. Most of you younger generation cops are a disgrace.

Anonymous said...

So I guess Teflon Foley dodges another bullet. No I file for the inappropriate pic. If it had been a rank and file officer and I file would have been initiated post haste. I know of a fellow officer reprimanded via an I file for posting a pic of an empty OT card. I think this is quite a bit more inappropriate especially since it was posted by someone from the "command" staff. Double standard at its worse. Yet Foley still comes across with his sanctimonious attitude when making public comments about officers who have made mistakes. It makes me that more hopeful that Chief Rosado can bring about change and boost morale. First order of business should be to empty out the chiefs complex (excluding Chief Buyak and Long of course).

Anonymous said...

You new guys have the cabbage. Stop being cheap and donate 20 bucks here and there for the troops.

Anonymous said...

Grow a pair and just say no. I have never caved in the entire 14 years I've been here but yeah, they can try and make u feel like shit but it's up to you to not allow yourself to feel that way. They'll stop asking after awhile.

Anonymous said...

Ford...#1 on that list to go. Other two are cop cops so wth r u putting their names on blast for? I'm guessing because you're not.

Anonymous said...

Yeah the new classes minus a few really do suck.

Anonymous said...

Yea keep the guy that steals dogs and the other who pistol whipped a townie so bad he was fired then given his job back ??!!! Clean out the entire Chiefs complex if you want real change time for a new regime for a new age era