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Wednesday, November 22, 2017


Two more incidents of suspicious behavior involving Hartford Public School female students heading home after school were reported to Police today. These incidents come on the heels of three other similar type incidents reported in the last week.

It is unclear  from HPD if there is any indication  that these complaints involving children are related. Both HPD and the Hartford Schools have been tight lipped  and only seem to be releasing  just enough information to avoid criticism. Although Hartford's Superintendent continuously talks about the safety of students being her number one priority, her actions seem to show a desire to protect the institution rather than protecting the Children.

From HPD Unusual Occurrence Reports:

INCIDENT 1 :  3:45pm
On 11/21/17 Hartford Police Officers responded to Hyland Park on the report of a suspicious person. An HPD Officer interviewed the Complainant who reported that she was approached by the below listed Suspect while she was in the area of White Street and Cheshire Street. The Complainant stated that the Suspect approached her on foot and began asking her a serious of questions that made her uncomfortable including; "Do you have a boyfriend?". The Suspect's actions scared the Complainant who ran to the day care at Hyland Park to seek help. A canvass for the Suspect was unsuccessful. SID was notified and is assuming the investigation

INCIDENT 2 : 4:54pm

 On 11/21/17 Hartford Police Officers responded to the Complainant's address on the report of a suspicious person. An HPD Officed interviewed the Complainant who reported that she was approached by the below listed Suspect on her way home from the bus stop. The Complainant stated that the Suspect made contact with her in the area of Franklin Avenue and South Street and yelled to her, multiple times, "Hey come here." This scared the Complainant who ran home and notified her mother. It should be noted that prior to the Suspect's approach the Complainant was being chased by a dog. This resulted in her appearing distressed and running. At this time the Suspect's intentions are not known. SID and C4 were notified and are currently investigating this 

No matter what the suspects intentions were, it is troubling that unknown male adults are approaching  female students walking home from school.


Anonymous said...

Foley is more concerned about the dead heads coming to spend money in the city instead of hartford youth being approached by creapy sex offenders who live in the shelters at the main @ park area.
Good job brian. Hopefully santa brings you a soul for xmas ...


There is plenty of blame to go around, where is the Superintendent of Schools and her over paid ESPN spokesperson who are both in bunker mode and are more concerned about their paychecks and resumes than they are about the protection of Hartford students. In any other town robo- calls would have been made, e-mail blasts sent and the media alerted to get the message out.

I'm not sure Pedro Zayas understands his job or what his job is except to run interference for the Board. Parents are probably getting more information off this blog than they get from the very people they entrust their children to every day (or think they entrust them to)

501 all over the radio like he cares said...

Kevin there has been over 15 incidents since the beginning of this year where school age kids have been approached by this creep walking from school just in the south end alone. I personally have taken At least 8 of those complaints. I did everything necessary and even went above and beyond and notified detectives and their commanders. Not one thing was done to address any of these incidents until the news ran with the story last week. Atleast 15 young girls were approached and were terrorized by this animal and yet not one thing was done to find this guy. Now puppet master Foley is trying to save face and is stating the incidents were being investigated. Why did this investigation not start at the first incident reported back in early April? Why does it take HPD to take action when the news blasts it out? HPD is a joke just as big as Foley is. I would be terrified if I was a patent and my kids had to walk home from school in the south end. Absolutely nothing is being for to prevent or even find this animal. This is a prime example of how inept HPD command staff is.

And just a heads up this guy is getting more brazen and reckless in his actions. He is now getting out of his car and approaching kids on foot. HPD should be held liable when this turns into a kidnapping

Jason DeLusso said...

My son was assaulted by a bully in the magnet school in hartford and another of my sons was questioned in front of his peers by the principal and social worker. The principal openly admitted to doing this in front of his boss Jonathan swan but yet the principal still sits on the job. The superintendent openly admitted that she has no problems with kids being taken off of school grounds to play in a public park with out permission from the parents

Jason DeLusso said...
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Anonymous said...

Well good thing Mayor Bronin knows better than to send his privileged children to Hartford schools.

Anonymous said...

Why are the teachers on a pay freez and this incompetunt superintendent gets a lot of money lots. a bunch of teacher calling sick because they had it