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Saturday, December 2, 2017


On December 1, 2017, patrol units responded to the area of 104-116 Bond Street for a shot spotter system activation with 6 rounds recorded. Upon arrival, officers located a male victim down on the sidewalk suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. Medical aid was provided until the arrival of EMS and Fire. The victim was subsequently pronounced deceased on scene at 2027 hours by Aetna Ambulance paramedics. Detectives from the Major Crimes Division, Crime Scene Division and an Inspector from the Hartford Chief State's Attorney's Office responded and assumed the investigation. Detective Pethigal was assigned as the lead investigator. The investigation is on-going.

The victim has been identified as Edgardo Galindez a 45 year old Hartford resident.

Anyone with information can contact HPD at 860-757-4000


Vote yes on the contract ! said...

I guess since eric smith is now a civilian with zero corruption power, the windsor street sanford and son junkyard can be brought up to code by dmv inspectors. The large 50 gallon drums full of used vehicle chemicals cant sit in the driveway anymore. The dozen or so unregistered vehicles ( that eric smith claims to own ) parked along both sides of windsor street will now get parking tickets and towed are my way to service. No more protection for this illegal operation.
The loitering thugs that drink and “hang out” late at night will have to find somewhere else to chill.
Eric smith’s tarnished legacy Is already gone like a fart in the wind. Ur little retired badge means zero. Who is kent lee going to call when he gets harrassed again in his benz with the unregistered vermont tags. Tower @ blue hills will never be the same again.

Disgusted said...

Kevin, here’s a prime example of how Hartford superior court is drastically failing. So Jonathan Contrera, age 25, gets a three year prison sentence and probation for a murder? I’m sure everyone remembers this highly publicized Maple Avenue Murder. A blatant murder with a firearm during the middle of the day on a highly populated street! And three years is the outcome? With time served and good time he will be out in less than a year. And more likely than not he will be a future Murder statistic as I’m sure his friends and loved ones will serve real justice and even the score. This is absolutely disgusting and a complete disgrace. Many questions need to be answered here regarding why GA14 continues to be such a failure. Who were the inspectors that supposedly looked for witnesses. We know for a fact the majority of the inspectors rarely leave their office, maybe for lunch. I see them arrive late every late and leave early every day in their state impalas. Hartford inspectors have a long history of doing absolutely nothing, and it is allowed by Gail Hardy. Did they really leave their office and go look for witnesses and how much of an actual attempt was made? If the situation was really “lost / missing” witnesses, why wasn’t this case turned over to the Feds for a grand jury where witnesses are compelled to testify? It’s probably because Gail doesn’t play nice with the feds. I’m completely disgusted and sick to my stomach with this outcome. Why is there no accountability at GA14? Where are the community protests and demand for justice from politicians and community leaders. HPD continues to do their job and GA14 completely drops the ball. It’s no wonder homicides and violent crimes are on such a rise in the capital city. Criminals see outcomes like this and laugh and don’t think twice about pulling a trigger.
Nothing even from you on this Mr. Brookman. Why, why, why?

Anonymous said...

How many murders is Hartford up to this year?

Anonymous said...

And who is gonna make the loitering thugs that drink go somewhere else? Your afraid to approach any loitering thugs at night, who are you kidding? We’ll drink on and raise one as you drive by with your windows up.