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Friday, June 2, 2017


Maybe we should think about replacing dead trees on City property to show we support green energy and a cleaner environment. But no, instead we are going to burn electricity all night to bathe City Hall in a sea of green protest. (or support as Mayor Bronin calls it)

I wonder if anyone ever considered  bathing City Hall in pink out of respect for the Komen Race for the Cure to support the efforts to raise funds to combat breast cancer and support research being held in Hartford this weekend.

That probably isn't enough of a political statement for the administration ''

Bronin Press Release:


HARTFORD, CONN (June 2, 2017) –   At the direction of Mayor Luke Bronin, Hartford City Hall will be lit green tonight to signal Connecticut’s opposition to the federal government’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement, and to underline Hartford’s significant efforts to conserve energy, increase the number of green jobs, and support the quality of neighborhood life for residents.  Earlier today, Governor Malloy added Connecticut to a coalition of states committed to upholding the Paris Climate Agreement.

“The decision to abandon the Paris Climate Agreement is an unforgivable surrender of American leadership on one of the most important issues of our time,” said Mayor Bronin.  “In virtually every other country in the world, the debate is about how to confront climate change responsibly – not the absurd idea that it’s a ‘hoax’ created by China.  Not only do we have a moral responsibility to reduce carbon emissions, we should also be seizing the opportunity to build a robust green jobs economy by investing clean energy.”

The Mayor continued, saying, “I’m proud to join with cities and states around the country to commit to filling the void on environmental responsibility that this decision leaves.  In Hartford, we are on the path to reduce our energy consumption by 20% by 2018 with the dedicated work of City employees and leadership of our Climate Stewardship Council.”   

As a signatory of the U.S. Conference of Mayors’ Climate Protection Agreement, Hartford has committed to both reducing overall energy consumption by 20% and increasing renewable energy use by 20% across its City operations by next year.  Significant progress has been made towards that goal through building energy retrofits, the recent launch of a cutting-edge fuel cell microgrid in the Parkville neighborhood that will reduce carbon emissions by 40% in connected buildings, the solar array at the landfill in North Meadows, the streetlight overhaul across the City, and a number of other smaller renewable energy projects.

To achieve the 20% reduction goal, the 30-member Climate Stewardship Council, which includes stakeholders from a cross-section of nonprofits, businesses, and government agencies, will finalize the community’s Climate Action Plan and chart the path towards further emissions reductions.  The City recently hired a 100% grant-funded Sustainability Coordinator to assist in those efforts.


Hillary LOST, GET OVER IT said...

Sadly Kevin, this is what we need to expect for the next 7 and a half years of the Trump /Pence Presidency in a City and State of poor losers who can't get over the fact that Crooked Hilary lost. Hillary's loss also upset the Bronin's plans for upward mobility, dashing their -plans to move to DC

Isn't it also interesting how Kathy Griffin claims she was only exercising her first amendment rights with her disgusting display, but when the Trump Family exercises the same First Amendments rights to criticize her it is bullying and she is owed apology? Liberals, I guess only their rights matter

Thom Page said...

And I thought Rhodes scholars, of all people, would certainly understand their position as a municipal leader has absolutely nothing to do with national and international crises and issues, but rather is to be spent solving the city's problems. I don't believe the people of Hartford, who are facing a myriad of problems with their City, elected a mayor to spend one minute of time on anything other than solving the City's problems, figuring out how to bring jobs into the City; taking care of the city's grounds, assets and buildings; improving the education of its children; fostering relationships with neighboring towns, not other countries, who we could find common issues to work on together and share expenses to solve. Political stunts are for insecure politicians - confident politicians bring people together to resolve the problems they were elected to address. I can only think of my old friend Nick Carbone - why can't our leaders take a lesson from his incredible commitment and energy to helping his home town. I miss him.

Anonymous said...

Malloy and Bronin are cuckholded, Marxist shills who continually sell out the American people to hostile globalist powers. Trump is a hero.

Anonymous said...

At Christmas time I used to decorate the evergreen on the lawn of Engine 9's quarters. Then we'd plug it in and it would light up. So what? But never in my long life did I imagine my country would stand shoulder to shoulder with NICARAGUA AND SYRIA as the only countries that oppose making our children's air cleaner. Many of your readers seem to hate the third world countries. Why, then, do they seem to want to be like them?

Pedro said...

I've had the budget balanced, doesn't take a Rhodes scholar. Miss me now???!!!

Anonymous said...

Nope. Bronin is an awful leader. On that we can agree. He squanders our resources, looks forward only as far as his political gain, and strips the civil servants to pay his sycophants. But I haven't heard anything yet about caviar, little boys, or Minnie Gonzales. Pedro and Luke can shake hands in hell...before the retribution begins.

Anonymous said...

Dude. You won. Stop whining. You sound like a crybaby with the lowest approval rating in the history of this great country. Confeve, brother.

Anonymous said...

Hillary lost but she keeps blaming everybody for her loss, everybody but herself.

Anonymous said...


No whining, just calling it like it is. Elections have consequences.
Remember when the same folks who were up in arms when Trump would not pledge to accept the legal and Constitutional outcome of the election?

The fact that the media as the weak minded followers of the Opiate of the masses can spend as much time and effort on
Confeve-gate is amazing. I hear the Donkeys in congress are calling for another investigation like the others. Looking for evidence of an accusation from another unnamed source. You are a pawn... wake up.

Anonymous said...

I suggest you read up on the subject before whining about it. Pulling out of the Paris accord has nothing to do with climate change. The US is the world leader in green energy initiatives and will continue to be. This was about stopping the rape of the American taxpayer. Another win for Trump.



Oh come on, it is only $100 Billion, why should our President worry about being responsible with such a small amount ? Next thing you will be complaining about the money we dump into that black hole called NATO

peter brush said...

position as a municipal leader has absolutely nothing to do with national and international crises and issues
This was about stopping the rape of the American taxpayer. Another win for Trump.
The fundamental core of constitutional government is separation of powers. Now all branches at all levels operate out of their lanes. The Mayor should put Hartford first and last. Baseball stadiums, id cards for illegal aliens and anti-carbon activism are none of his business. But this has been going on a long time. We were anti-apartheid, we had sister cities in Nicaragua, and Hartford was a "sanctuary city" before Bronin came on the scene. The actual duties of the job, most prominently fiscal management, are not as critical for our local pols as virtue signaling.
We need a bankruptcy proceeding, por favor. Get the irresponsible pols out of the driver's seat.
God Bless Donald Trump.

Anonymous said...

State Rep Angel Arce, Minnie Gonzalez and Brandon McGhee, you were absolutely disgusting and repulsive at the State Capitol earlier. Your hatred for police does not go unnoticed. Democrats like you have ruined CT. What a defeat the "Police Accountability" bill was NOT passed. You looked like a bunch of babies walking out!! Hahahahaha LOSERS

General Grievous said...

They want to follow the Accord? OK then, the US was going to contribute $100B per year to nobody is quite sure what, what is Hartford's share? Pay up. I think that money would have gone to India, so go to the bank and convert city taxpayer $'s to rupees, thank you. The Accord lets China pollute unlimited until 2030, keep that part of the Accord too? How will Hartford have any influence over that? Just curious.

The city can of course reduce its carbon emissions all day long, regardless of the Accord, no fanfare. But I guess that doesn't make a statement to boost hatred from the unhinged antiTrumpets, does it?

Pierced Clam said...

What recruit is the baby daddy? ������������

Anonymous said...

Was this baby conceived at Engine 9 ?


No proof anything has been conceived yet, but it is not a Fire LT

C4 is everywhere ... said...

Hey brookman,
I bet u dont post this, but i will attempt to clarify a little more. So how is it allowed by the range personnel to humiliate new recruits by using a fire hose ? Is this some new type of positive hazing ritual ? Those video tapes at the range better not get into the hands of that crack investigator dustin rendock . What is the explanation for this ? Always two sides to every story here at the good ole hpd drama show.
I hope no minority recruits were involved or that might be a "black eye" on the dept and possibly cause chief rovellas blood pressure to spike.
I want to hear both sides before i judge. That is fair ? Do u agree ?
The tapes will tell the tale and hopefully no recruit puts to paper that they felt humiliated and singled out by geting water hosed onto them.
The truth will either come out or it will be another good ole boy coverup. This just might be the final straw on rovellas legacy if city hall finds out.

Anonymous said...

That's what happens when all the wrong people are assigned to all the wrong places, although I do realize the talent pool now is extremely limited.


As you said, there are 2 sides to every story.

I would suggest you go get the other side of the story from the range staff, as I did.

And before you spread misinformation, I think you will find it was more to cool asphalt surfaces than it was any kind of punishment. Keep in mind that Police Officers are not only called upon to possibly use their weapons in perfect sunny weather. The more miserable conditions that can be simulated during training will prepare our police officers to survive in real world situations. Snow, wind rain , nighttime are all scenarios that will better train our officers. And the Glock can even fire under water from what I understand so rain or water are not an issue to a properly maintained weapon

And wetting down the range has apparently gone on for years, so why did it just become an issue after the LT was called out for her behavior? Retaliation? And if that LT was aware of an issue she now feels is a problem, maybe a charge of Failure to Supervise should be coming for her

And I think Chief Rovella has already cemented his legacy with all the good work he has done.

And also try to get up to speed with the current technology, nothing is "taped", everything is stored on digital hard drives now.

And Chief Rendock's report will determine whether the "Good ole boy" network is still in effect or if the truth matters.