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Tuesday, January 2, 2018


This cold weather seems to be here for a while. Until the weather breaks, try to remember a few things.

Number one is protect your pets, try to avoid prolonged exposure to these extreme cold temperatures as well as avoid extended exposure of their paws to the subfreezing ground and chemicals and salt put down for the ice.

Try to keep areas around pipes open allowing the heat to circulate. In many cases it helps to open the doors under kitchen cabinets around sinks and under bathroom vanities to allow heat to reach pipes and keep them from freezing.Pipes on outside walls are especially vulnerable to freezing,

Make sure your outside water faucets are turned off in your basement. Once they are turned off, open the faucet outside to let any standing water drain out to avoid freezing and splitting of the pipes

In case of a "worst case scenario" , familiarize yourself with the location of your water shutoff. In case a pipe should burst, shut off the valve from the street, normally in your basement near the water meter, to stop the water flow and avoid additional damage.

DO NOT ever use your oven or a grill to add additional heat to your home. It is dangerous and electric appliances can over heat and gas appliances and grills produce carbon monoxide. If you feel nauseous or have a headache move outside to an area with fresh air and notify the fire department. They can check for the presence of Carbon Monoxide and check the CO levels inside your home. Consider purchasing a battery operated CO Detector for everyday protection in your home. They are relatively inexpensive and a variety of models are available in Home Improvement stores.

Avoid the use of electric space heaters. Of you do use a heater, make sure it has the automatic shut off if the hater is knocked over, Don't ever leave a space heater unattended and don't use an extension cord to plug it in, The extension cord can over heat and cause a fire. Keep areas around your furnace or boiler clear to avoid fires from unsafely stored items, your furnace is working overtime and generating more heat than usual.

Check on your elderly neighbors. Make sure they are staying warm and have items they need such as medications and food. They may not want to venture outside in the cold and a little neighborly kindness can be very helpful.

And don't forget your car. If you haven't checked the protection level of your antifreeze, have your mechanic test it and make sure your radiator is protected in these low temperatures to avoid freezing and damage to your engine.

An finally, keeps those sidewalks and fire hydrants clear when we do get snow

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