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Sunday, April 22, 2018


 On Sunday, April 22, 2018, a city wide Multi-Jurisdictional A.T.V. (All-Terrain Vehicle) operation was conducted and led by the Hartford Police Traffic Division. The operation included Traffic Division personnel, Community Service Officers, Auto Theft Detectives, C-4 Division, and the V.I.N. Division.

Surrounding agencies also assisted, including members of the Wethersfield Police Department, Newington Police Department and the Connecticut State Police.  The collaborative effort led to the arrest of the listed (10) ten individuals for various charges. Officers seized (14) fourteen all-terrain vehicles, which included a mix of both Dirt Bikes and Quads.

Officers also seized a U-Haul van and Dodge pick-up truck that were used to transport the A.T.V's, and Marijuana.  Nine out of the Ten arrested individuals are non Hartford residents.

Seized items are listed below:

(14) Fourteen all-terrain vehicles, including a mix of dirt bikes and Quads. Seized: One UHAUL Dodge van, (Arizona AH51782) containing three dirt bikes and one scooter. Seized: One 2005 Dodge Ram Pickup truck (Rhode Island 123303) containing two dirt bikes. Recovered: Several bags of Marijuana recovered from arrested individuals.

Arrested were:

1. Devin De La Cruz  (D.O.B. 4/22/98) 49 Star Street Pawtucket RI - Operation Prohibited City Ordnance     22-120, Disorderly Conduct, and Interfering with Police.
2. Andy Flores (D.O.B. 6/21/97) 57 Salmon Street Providence RI - Operation Prohibited City Ordnance     22-120.
3. Ramon Pavel (D.O.B. 10/17/89) 51 Hyat Street Providence RI -  Operation Prohibited City Ordnance 22-120
4. Victor Felix (D.O.B. 1/24/93) 76 Dart Street Hartford CT -  Operation Prohibited City Ordnance 22-120, Disorderly Conduct and Interfering with Police.
5. Jeremy Crespo (D.O.B. 10/14/94) 659 High Street Holyoke MA - Operation Prohibited City Ordnance     22-120, Possession of Marijuana and Interfering with Police.
6. Joshua Guzman (D.O.B. 7/10/93) 1 Gresham Street Springfield MA -  Operation Prohibited City Ordnance 22-120 and Possession of Marijuana.
7. Alan Cerdena (D.O.B. 9/1/88) 18 Warrenton Street Springfield MA -  Operation Prohibited City Ordnance     22-120 and Possession of Marijuana.
8. Isiah Torres (D.O.B. 10/22/99) 174 Rosemary Drive Springfield MA - Operation Prohibited City Ordnance 22-120 and Possession of Marijuana.
9. Gian Irizarry (D.O.B. 5/5/98) N.C.A. New Britain CT - Operation Prohibited City Ordnance 22-120 and Possession of Marijuana.
10. Juvenile - Operation Prohibited City Ordnance 22-120  Arrested Juvenile:  Tyler Street Springfield MA - Operation Prohibited City Ordnance 22-120.

All of the offenders, except one, were from out of state.

A great job by HPD and all agencies involved. Hopefully this will be  a regular occurrence until the message gets out.


Anonymous said...

who pulled the 13 for the 70 at the red rock ?


It was done, I-file

Anonymous said...

I hate to be a Debbie Downer but I would rather have them arrest the HUNDREDS of shitbags related to motor vehicles instead ,,, running red lights and stop signs,driving unlicensed-uninsured-unregistered, driving drunk or high,hitting pedestrians ,hitting other vehicles,hitting buildings or other objects,driving kids with no car seats or seatbelts,driving stolen vehicles etc.etc.etc. Although it makes for a good sound bite on the news unfortunately this will all be a waste of energy,time and resources . I PROMISE YOU THIS KEV,,,,Just like a prostitution sting or a lizards tail ,,,,, THEY WILL “ALL” GROW BACK !!!!! I GIVE IT TILL JUNE,,,YOU’LL SEE AND HEAR !!!!

Anonymous said...

What is a I File?
Please let me know.
Tx You


An I-file is the term used for the opening of an Internal investigation, typically done on the order of the Chief of Police

Anonymous said...

The warm weather has brought the criminals out. Noise and bike disturbance is in Hartford as well as the suburbs. Selling of drugs and drug factories are rampant. The innocent bystanders are the ones who suffer the most. If you see or hear something call the Police.

RB said...

I was born & raised in Hartford. It saddens me to see the city devolve the way it has.

I took a "Nostalgia Tour" of places I lived a couple weeks ago. Woodbine St-gone. The Laurel towers are there now. Owens st in what used to be called "Little Hollywood" not bad. Hillside Ave, across from Pope Park. Now there's a fence in front of the building, and gates on either side, bars on the windows. Saybrooke St, still a nice neighborhood.

As a previous poster mentioned, Apparently traffic signals & stop signs are considered suggestions. In the span of 15 minutes, I almost hit a kid on a dirt bike who didn't stop for the stop sign, almost got hit by an ATV that veered into my lane, and, was in the right turn lane when a car decided he wanted to turn right from the center lane.

I left Hartford in 1993. The gangs were warring, the trash all over the place was terrible, as was the unneeded noise. Car speakers that thump and rattled my windows, people hollering to each other across the street at 3 AM.

I realize that some things that I posted are endemic to city living, but I've lived in other cities that were nowhere as bad as Hartford.

Anonymous said...

You do have your "I love love Hartford" types and I can't fan dangle why. Likely the island barrios have emptied and moved in.

Anonymous said...


I once spoke to the traffic Lt asking for more enforcement of red light scoffers and his response was where and we will send out a team? I respond d that this was everywhere and a new focus must be implemented. He didn't understand that this problem was endemic to the whole city. Today, if you life in Hartford, you expect to be able to run a red with no expectation of arrest.