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Wednesday, June 20, 2018


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The Hartford City Council minority party, the  Working Families Party ,have announced their choice for the replacement of former Council member Cynthia Jennings who essentially resigned from the Council when she changed her party affiliation to Democrat.
The appointment still requires a vote by the full Council for approval.


Levey Kardulis said...

So in Hartford we appoint a person for city council, an elected position??? It seem as if the WFP does the same backdoor work as the rest of the city. How can this party be progressives and not going to the last elections ballot?
Corruption continues in Hartford!

Anonymous said...

she appears to be well qualified to be on the Council.

Anonymous said...

Anyone would be better then Cynthia Jennings

Anonymous said...

Corruption is rooted deep in Hartford!

Anonymous said...

Lets see: she's been openly LIVING in Bloomfied (none of the corrupt Dems care), she was "apparently" on the WF party but leaned democratic, then was sneaky as always and went behind her affiliated party's back and officially switched to where her heart laid to the dems, sneaky again and tries to erase the change after voting democratic behind the WP, gets caught, booted and should be shunned. An outwardly dislike for LE possible reason? Cuz she's a dirty lying bitch. Fk her! FINALLY OUT!!! TOOK YEARS!!!