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Friday, July 27, 2018


A regular reader that called me last night told me I wasn't posting enough. So maybe I  am trying to make up for lost time, but I am finding a new found love for my computer keyboard today. It is not that the City of Hartford and its politics don't give me enough content, but it takes time.

Speaking of those politics, I am always aggravated by people that will blindly support political candidates for unknown reasons. Most of those reasons have nothing to do with how they will serve if they eventually do get elected or even their qualifications for the job. I think it all too often has to do with the candidates hair style or some other bizarre qualifier .

I am amused by the political advertisements that we are bombarded with as well. I like the Ned Lamont ads with Ned as the common man sitting at the counter in the neighborhood Diner. I have never met Ned Lamont, but something tells me he is probably not the type to be sitting on a diner stool, sipping his coffee with the commoners in the morning.  I find the "Ned Drive" in his economy car even more interesting.

Great marketing by who ever came up with the idea, but is it really believable. Ned's comment that he won't take a State vehicle makes me think Lamont doesn't understand the nature of the Governor's job. I don't think any of our Governor's in recent history have taken the job to save on gas money I don't purport to be an expert on the Governor or his duties. I don't even think the size of the State Police Security detail is a necessity.

I do know though that much of the Governor's time is spent on the road, crisscrossing the State at all hours of the day and night, and a large amount of the Governor's time is spent conducting business and returning calls from the passenger seat of a vehicle driven by a State Trooper. Is Lamont saying he won't travel in the course of running the State or is he going to be able to focus on the states business without being a "distracted driver" operating his own economy car?

Little things, and maybe I pay too much attention to details, but we need to pay attention to what they promise us.

Besides, I was flattered one night when a member of the Governor's staff informed me that the Governor and Mrs. Malloy had been reading "We the People" blog in the back seat of the Governor's SUV on the way back to Hartford from an event at the Aqua Turf in Southington.

Another campaign ad that is aggravating me is from Nancy Glassman. Now I know President Trump  is fair game and every Democrat is going to make President Trump a campaign issue, but please be factual.  Glassman states in one of her ads, and I am paraphrasing, that her mother raised her while living on Social Security. and Glassman states that she will never allow President Trump to cut Social Security.

News flash Ms. Glassman, you are or would be only one member of Congress, and a very junior member at that, with very little clout. You can do nothing on your own and to promise that you will is less than truthful. Maybe it would be a little more truthful to have said "if I were lucky enough to get your vote and get elected to Congress, I would do everything I can to protect Seniors and their Social Security benefits"

And this next one is almost a "ditto" of the previous.  William Tong, a candidate for Connecticut Attorney General is also a shark that can smell Trump blood in the sea of Democrats we call Connecticut. Tong is already promising to tie up our Court systems with the lawsuits he is prepared to file challenging every Trump activity he can mention in a sixty second commercial to strike fear into voters.

I would have more respect for Attorney Tong if maybe he would have mentioned that he would file suits to force decent or appropriate health coverage and benefits for Veteran's who have served our Country. Or to force proper healthcare and housing for Seniors who have been lived here all their lives and are now being left by the roadside, many of them unable to even obtain necessary medications to live. But I guess it might be difficult to weave that and the name Trump into a sixty second sound bite.

As we fall for these political ads, keep in mind "Caveat emptor". let the buyer beware.


Mike said...

I too am amazed at all these political ads. Most are spewing half truths (if that much) about what they will do. Then all the negativity seeps in. He's a phony he's a closet democrat etc.There is enough hate from the dems across the country without having to listen to nasty comments about the statewide politicians and their campaigns. I'm afraid it's really about the perceived power they will gain and their ego trips.

Anonymous said...

Slimeball politics. All the chris murphy supporters are knocking on doors in wethersfield today. Maybe they should consider vine st in hartford or park st.

RB said...

I believe using the words "Truth" and "Politicians" in the same sentence is an Oxymoron,
is it not? (LOL)

Anonymous said...

What about the new Shawn Wooden TV commercials selling him for Treasurer?
This is the same Shawn Wooden who, together with Pedro Segarra, almost bankrupted the City of Hartford with their idiotic "done-deal stadium."

Anonymous said...

Get ready. In due time Eddie Perez will be back in 550 main st. He is gonna pull bronin apart like warm bread. Fast eddie is ready !!!
The park street bricks need fixin. The slick back will grease the wheels once again. Bronin is done. Eddie will win the minority vote and the brookman vote !!!!
Eddie Perez for mayor. Get on board now brookman. That is my advice to you.

Unknown said...

How about Lamont complaining that the small local business have to collect sales tax but not the big internet guys. Guess he's not familiar with recent ruling by the Supreme Court that addressed that issue.

Anonymous said...

Bubble head Wooden claims 20 years of experience in his ads. He was trying to become a mayor, he was trying the become a state senator, he failed big time as city council president, now he's trying to become the state treasurer. What's next Wooden?

Anonymous said...

I’m putting a bid in to renovate Park St , the last one only lasted 10 yrs and I know I can do better than that. Kev, do I have a chance? Especially since I am applying as a homegrown minority contractor ,,I’M WHITE!!!!!

Anonymous said...

@ 12:06pm: If Wooden becomes a state treasurer he will bring Hartford $100 million, which is the amount of the damages he brought on Hartford.

Anonymous said...

If Shawn Wooden is going to be elected as treasurer then all the money disappeare in poor investments

Anonymous said...

EDDIE PEREZ, PEDRO SEGARRA, CYNTHIA JENNINGS, SHAWN WOODEN, to name a few, should be black listed and NEVER allowed to run for ANY public office again.

As for Luke Bronin: the jury is still out.

Anonymous said...

Friendly reminder: it was Pedro Caviar and Bubble head Shawn who almost blew up the arrival of UConn to downtown Hartford, signing together on a letter to UConn president Herbst, asking her to choose another, unfriendly location in Hartford. Her immediate response to these two clowns/idiots: downtown or nothing.

Anonymous said...

Ned Lamont, where were you when Malloy kept taxing us? You always show up on TV ads a few months before elections for a job you desire.
I love these TV ads where you're talking to a wall or maybe talking to yourself.

Anonymous said...

Lamont is on TV saying he wants the big trucking companies that come through out state to pay up, has he any idea what they pay in fuel taxes and road use taxes already?
Ignorant fool.

Anonymous said...

watch Ned Lamont recent commercials
who is he talking to in those commercials
is he talking to himself or just talking to a wall

Anonymous said...

Thats so racist. You should be ashamed of yourself. Only in America ��

Anonymous said...

You idiot: GE already left Connecticut.