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Wednesday, August 8, 2018


It would be nice to have Hartford people representing us in Constitutional Offices at the State level.

But we can't just elect people because of where they live or who they know. Shawn Wooden's run for Treasurer is the perfect example.

Wooden may be able to pull off a con job with slick television ads, but all any voter has to do is look back on the "fine" job he did of nearly bankrupting the City of Hartford during his tenure as Council President. Will Shawn  Wooden use the same "due diligence" that he used when approving the Dillon Stadium deal and the Dunkin Donuts Park financing deal? If he does, get the Grand Jury room ready because it will be a revolving door.

Wooden couldn't even recognize a phony Barclay's letter of credit from a poorly drafted fax and now voters are expected to give him control of the State of Connecticut's finances? City resident's did a better job of digging into and exposing the con job than Wooden did.

Se what people are saying in the ad below from his challenger.

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Anonymous said...

Shawn Wooden, not again! Not only this idiot was standing on the steps of city hall announcing his famous "Done Deal" stadium, but with one hand (Segarra used his hand too) these 2 idiots almost blew up the deal to bring UCONN to Hartford.