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Sunday, February 3, 2019


Congratulations New England Patriot's


Anonymous said...

Will the board of ed have another party with district money for the upper crust of the board of ed brain trust ????

Anonymous said...

Way to go N. E. ! Now you’re somewhat tied with best!

BTW, Hartford BOE has become lawsuit management company for the City, nothing more.

Since we are on the subject of wasted City monies, anything come out of the library admin scandal. ie( Bloated salaries -poss. credit card fraud- hiring the unscrupulous .)

Bring in Project Veritas for some deep investigating.

Anonymous said...

Hartford Public Library and Hartford Board of Education still have Bloated Salaries. Court of Common Council has no clue. They still have aides. One would think Hartford was the Capitol of the USA not the poor city that it is. Another waste of taxpayers money the Registra office. Another Joke.
Go Patriot Kraft. You make me sick. Remember folks he wanted Hartford to pay for his stadium. You are a very greedy NFL owner cheat.