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Friday, April 12, 2019


Why is it that what we are sold at campaign time is hardly ever what we get after the election?

Politicians seem as though they think theycan tell us whatever sounds good to get elected and then we never follow up to find the truth.

No tolls, remember that promise? How did that work out for you with your blind faith and allegiance. I think we would have more respect and trust in a politician who would say "I'm new to this and until I actually get in there and start looking under the hood, anything is possible" Is that too difficult to do, or maybe it is being too truthful and politicians seem to have a hard time dealing with the truth.

I'm really not opposed to tolls because our roads are a mess, and if the tolls actually go to road repairs and transportation, I'm OK with that. But I think we were told the same thing about Casino revenue going to Education. I wonder how that worked out?

Politicians can't be truthful during a campaign because that might cost them votes. So, instead mislead us on and once you are elected , you are safe to do whatever you want.

Remember the Ned Lamont initial campaign commercial where he is sitting behind the wheel of his personal car, pledging to not use a State vehicle and that his own car was "good enough for him" Does anyone know where that car is now? Definitely not at the Governor's Mansion, his State Police detail troopers drive him everywhere.

Maybe if candidate Lamont had a conversation before that ad was shot with Governor Malloy he would have learned a few things. On the day of Governor Malloy's swearing in, his Troopers told him to put his license away because he would not be driving at all during his elected term. And that actually makes sense .

Here is a little refresher for you:

Maybe our politicians, instead of making it look like they support "the little people" and marching on the picket lines at Stop and Shop while streaming it live on Facebook. A real leader might be more productive working to resolve the situation to get the people back to work with a contract so they start making an income again.

Last night at the Maple Avenue NRZ monthly meeting, there were 5 representatives from Mayor Bronin's Office, all talking about the wonderful things the Mayor is doing. I don't think it is a coincidence that I have never seen any of these people before and they appear as City staffers just in time for the next Mayoral election.

 I guess that is the benefit of incumbency. They probably should have introduced themselves as "Bronin Campaign staffers" paid from the City's payroll.

 Hopefully Chief Thody and HPD can keep it a quiet summer because it will be a messy summer if Bronin and all the other candidates start racing around the City to be the first to be seen by the media consoling the families of shooting victims.

Thar was a regular occurrence by Bronin and Segarra last go round during the campaign, I think that concern and sympathy ended on election night after the final vote was counted.

Does anyone remember the candidate forums for the last Mayoral campaign? Only one candidate seemed to have a grasp on reality and expressed the truth to people attending. Judge Robert Killian spoke very honestly about the financial mess the City of Hartford was in and that bankruptcy was a definite possibility without serious structural change. None of the others in the field of candidates seemed to understand that but instead told us what they thought the  voters wanted to hear instead of the truth

Voters need to open their eyes and then be willing to hold  politicians who lie to us accountable. That is the only way this will change and the truth will begin to matter


Anonymous said...

The mayor is doing a terrible job. The city is a mess and the school system in SHAMBLES. He is turning a blind eye to the fact that Leslie ,Alberto, and all of the cabinet rule with fear and intimidation. The only thing they care about is promotion of self and their huge paychecks. Truthfully, DCF should investigate HIM for allowing the super to continue her tenure as she is destroying the future of our city. As a resident, it infuriates me to see garbage all over the streets where our kids live, while the super collects 270,000 per year with 300/month of car allowances. And her cabinet? They all earn in the 170,000+ range. They inept, incompetent, unprofessional, and cruel. And, therefore, Bronin is, too. Shame on you, Mayor.

RB said...

As you mentioned, where did all the money from the Casinos, earmarked for Education go?

Every time they raise the Gas Tax, were told it's for the roads & bridges, yet they are, and have been in terrible shape.

Now tolls!

I'm retired & a Motorcyclist. As such, I've traveled the back roads for many years.
I can get anywhere without using an Interstate Highway. I will never pay a toll in Connecticut!

I feel for the people that still have to use the highways to get to & from work.

And, Mr. Brookman you are correct about Judge Killian. Too bad he's not the Governor.

Anonymous said...

Everything involves politics. Saying one thing and doing something else when elected is part of the game. I am disgusted when Hartford Mayors and Court of Common Council, State Reps and Senators vote the party line. These folks cannot make a decision without doing what their party dose. Hartford has nine councilpersons who are Democrats. Wake up Hartford Repubilicans get three persons to run and get them elected. After all you do have a Repubilican Registra of Voters give her something to do.

RB said...

Might be off topic, but since we're talking about Budgetary Issues, do a little research on how much the State spends on Illegal Aliens. Last article I read claimed close to a
Billion dollars, (957 Million). So, if they were all rounded up and sent back, Connecticut would save 957 million immediately! Not 957 M. over 10 or 20 years, immediately!

Unknown said...

The New American Economy, a coalition of mayors and business leaders who support “sensible” immigration reform, found the nearly 130,000 undocumented Connecticut residents pay $397 million in annual federal, state and local taxes, account for $3.1 billion in household income and represent $2.7 billion in spending power. Nice try, RB

Anonymous said...

If the president has a two-term limit, why not make it a two-term limit for everyone else instead of making it a career. This policitain are making them self rich of the working class.

Anonymous said...

God your stupid! They don’t have a social security number! They aren’t paying taxes you dope, they are to busy crashing their unregistered, uninsured vehicles into the hardworking residents of the state.

RB said...

April 13@ 9:14 PM

''New American Economy is a coalition of business leaders and mayors launched by Michael Bloomberg and Rupert Murdoch to influence public opinion and policymakers toward comprehensive immigration reform....''

Seems Trump might be sending Illegal Aliens to Sanctuary Cities. If your NAE is accurate, Hartford, along with New Haven, should see a vast influx of dollars from our new residents. Or NOT!

A new map posted by breaks down the economic toll of illegal immigrants state by state, and their findings are extremely troubling.

Using information gathered from the Federation for American Immigration Reform, How Much’s map shows how much money illegal immigrants cost American taxpayers on a state-by-state basis.