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Sunday, April 18, 2010


Hopefully in the next couple of months the process of turning Hartford around will begin under a new Administration led by Pedro Segarra.

One of my "faithful" regular readers sent me a great e-mail today with a suggestion that would probably scare the hell out of the Perez Administration as well as all of the non-profits beholding to Eddie Perez for their operations.

Quite simply, the reader directed me to the City of New London's municipal website. There, New London posts their check registers by month showing each and every check issued by the City for each and every department. Imagine what we might find if Hartford was so open and transparent.

They even go so far as requesting that every non-profit receiving funds from the City of New London do the same thing. According to their website ""The City of New London encourages other organizations that receive public funds to join us, in making financial data more accessible to the public."

All I can say is...."Wow". This must be how an administration not overrun with corruption operates.

I would imagine that City Treasurer Kathleen Palm-Devine would find this kind of openness refreshing also. It might answer a lot of questions about where our money is going.

To check out how an honest government operates, click the links below.

And the best part, Mayor-to-be Segarra, this suggestion didn't cost the city anything for a consultant. There are plenty of good people more than willing to see Hartford turn around and return to the direction it was going "pre-Perez".

Click here to view New London's "homepage" which actually provides factual information, not propaganda pictures of their mayor

Click here to view New London's actual check registers, available on their website, no FOI battles required

And thanks again to my "faithful" readers. Keep the suggestions coming, this is definitely a good start that would begin restoring confidence in Hartford's ability to do the right thing once Eddie is gone


Larry said...

Excellent Idea! I hope Segarra takes heed.

Anonymous said...

They way I look at it if you are not hiding anything then why not post all expenditure online and then the public can see where their tax is going, and when the public see where the money is going they can offer suggestions how to save money. By posting expenditures online will not cost money to the City and maybe even safe money for the City by not fighting FOI requests.

Jeff said...

Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

Bruce Rubenstein said...

This a truely excellent idea...I hope Segarra and the Council adpot this.

Anonymous said...

The reason why this is good idea is it deters for excessive spending, fore example if some one decides to throw Holiday party for City employees they will think twice to do this when they now the public will see thousands dollar spend on party while tax is being increased. I'm not saying this happened before but I'm just giving example.

peter brush said...

Bravo! Not to say that much of the spending isn't dumb, but at least some visibility the guys down in New London can debate. Must say, it'd be better if the list weren't displayed sideways, but a minor complaint. I wouldn't bet a nickle on this coming to Hartford any time soon.

Anonymous said...

Peter, Only one month was posted on sideways, but the other months was posted straight, give them a break they just started.


So far it looks like the support for this would be unanimous.

Anonymous said...

Kevin, yes it is unanimous. Any one who is against all I want to hear is one reason why not post online. I would love to hear the reason. They can't said it is confidential.