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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Tomorrow might be a good day for a trip to Hartford and see the best of what Hartford City government has to offer.

Might I suggest a nice breakfast at Ashlee's at 221 Main Street, then head up Buckingham Street and find a parking spot in the shadows of the Connecticut State Capitol and the statue of Lafayette. Procure a parking spot using one of the Hartford Parking Authority's high-tech kiosks. Then walk one block south to 101 Lafayette Street, Superior Court, GA14. Spend a couple hours watching jury selection in the corruption trial of Hartford's Mayor, the honorable Eddie A. Perez.

A couple of helpful jury selection watching tips. Be sure to feed the meters, the maximum time is two hours and the parking controllers can sense that to the second it seems. Expired vehicles are promptly ticketed. When entering the courthouse, please leave all weapons and dangerous instruments in your vehicle.

In addition, as Helen Ubinas learned the hard way ( I think she is out of lock-up now) texting and twittering (or is it tweeting) is not allowed and you will be dealt with appropriately by the Judicial Marshalls. Please be sure to put your cellphones on vibrate.

Then maybe back down to Main Street during the lunchtime recess. Maybe try the Hook and Ladder Restaurant right next to Ashlee's, where your morning began.

If you have time, be sure to visit Hartford City Hall on your day trip of corruption and incompetence. Be sure to stop by the second floor, the home to the Perez "leadership team". Out of respect though for people that are actually trying to work in City Hall, please keep your laughter to a minimum when you see the word "honorable" on the door to the Office of the Mayor.

By this time, it should be getting close to 2:00PM so head back up to the Lafayette Statue and procure another kiosk funded parking space. This time head north to 18-20 Trinity Street, home of the Freedom of Information Commission. The entrance is near the back side of the Bushnell Theater by the loading dock.

Shortly after 2:00PM Hartford's Corporation Counsel and Perez confidant John Rose will be making a command performance. Not the command type for the Queen of England, but he is being commanded to be there by the FOI Commission. John Rose will be attempting to explain why he shouldn't be fined the largest possible fine passed down by the FOI Commission.

And then if you want to watch something good happening, in all seriousness, stop by City Hall for the 5:00PM swearing in of Hartford's new Fire Chief Ed Casares. Hopefully Chief Casares will bring some integrity back to the Chief's Office, unlike his predecessor, but I'll keep you in suspense on those details about Chief Teale until another day. You might want to get your eyes checked to be able to read that posting clearly :) Tell the eye doctor Charlie Bribe sent you.


Anonymous said...

Great article,Kevin! I like the itenerary. Thanks for the plug on Ashlee's and Hook and Ladder. I am sure the restaurant owners appreciate it.I will be checking your blog regularly for updates on the trial. What is the deal with Charlie Bribe? Is it just a coincidence that Teale retired just before jury selection was to begin on the Perez case?

Anonymous said...

Kevin...perhaps the folks could squeeze in a half hour in the 3rd floor gym at city hall.

Dave Anderson said...

Or, you can get a job.

Anonymous said...

There is a great exhibition and the Wadsworth and there is also Mark Twains Tom Sawyer at Hartford Stage, not all that is going on in the City is Perez: hes not that grand.

Anonymous said...

I've met Casares and he is a nice guy. But honestly, does he have the actual credentials, or is this just another of Eddie's "firsts" in the name of affirmative action?

The King said...

What about catching a Whalers game? Are they in the playoffs?

Ken Krayeske said...

Kevin -

The overgrown bushes have been trimmed since you posted this photo...