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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


A comment posting on another blog story here left a link to, the City of Hartford's website. to follow the link, click here.

The PDF file attached below announcing another new position in the Office of the Mayor was attached to the link. Yes, that's correct, another new staff position in the Mayor's Office.

According to the City Charter, any positions in the Mayor's Office above and beyond those authorized by the Charter require Council approval. I need to do some more checking, but I don't recall any discussion by the Council to allow creation of this position.

Only time will tell if the Council does anything about it.

Building Automation System Mgr 3-18-10


Anonymous said...

good post Kevin!

On a similar note, how much would you wager that your savior Segarra will try to sneak in a $10,000 raise to the council sec's. without even a mention.

Anonymous said...

WE cannot afford new positions given our dire financial situation,unless some other entity was actually footing the bill for the new position.

Bob Gordon said...

Hello Hartford. Wake up and smell the cafe. There are other jobs posted on HR website (, despite the fact that last year Eddie did a press release announcing a hiring freeze as one his cost saving measures in response to the budget deficit. To those of you who are not employed by the city, may I point out that the jobs posted on the HR website are "open competetive", which means that anyone can apply for them. In constrast, "promotional" jobs for current city employees are NOT posted on the HR website. Do you see where I am going??? Ok, let me break it down. Despite said hiring freeze and budget deficit, there are promotional jobs being posted and filled. I believe one of your other readers had suggested you request copies of all HR transaction reports, forms A, forms B, and position analysis forms. I have to say I concur with that suggestion. Just a thought...