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Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Last week I posted the City of Hartford's Check register for March 2010.

The April 2010 register is now available and is posted below as a PDF file. I do have to give credit to Hartford's Chief Operating Officer David Panagore for his efforts in providing the register promptly on both occasions when I requested it through an FOIA request.

I will be requesting the register monthly and posting it here.

Also, in fairness, please keep an open mind when reviewing these payments. In a conversation with David Panagore, we discussed the perception of how some payments look on the face value, but in many cases there is a plausible explanation behind payments.

If you do have questions regarding any payment, documentation should be available and hopefully the Finance Director would be able to answer any questions and/or provide documentation if asked. Hartford's Finance Director Christopher Wolf can be reached by e-mail at



Anonymous said...

Kev, love ya, but giving credit to Panagore for actually performing his job is a bit much. We shouldn't have to give props to public employees for doing what they are paid to do. However, since in Hartford that is rare, ok, give shout out to Panagore. Maybe he'd like to be around after Eddie enters the gated community... Clearly Rosie doesn't seem to care either way...

Anonymous said...

Panagore talking about "perception", how refreshing. What should our "perception" be about him hiring a PERSONAL friend to be his PERSONAL assistant when he already had one highly qualified assistant on staff.


Normally I would agree with your comment.

But I have become accustomed to dealing with Rosie and his nonsense, so I think it is only fair to recognize someone who is attempting to do something the correct way.

I originally thought that Panagore landed in City Hall because he was cut from the same mold as Perez, McMullen and the rest of the "leadership team". After the last few weeks I am rethinking that. As of now the jury is still out (no Perez eve-of-trial pun intended). Panagore has actually approached me when I'm in city hall and has asked me if I received a certain e-mail, did it make sense, do I have any questions, etc, etc. Unlike others who seem to run the other way when they see me, Panagore does actually seem to be trying to do the right thing. Remember who his boss is, so it can't be easy.

If Perez is ousted anytime in the near future, I think if anyone asked, my opinion would be to let him continue and see what happens.

Now John Rose would definitely be a different story.

Anonymous said...

"In a conversation with David Panagore, we discussed the perception of how some payments look on the face value, but in many cases there is a plausible explanation behind payments."

Guys, don't be razzle dazzled by the poetic alliteration ("Panagore", "perception", "payments", "plausible", and more "payments"). I'll eat my hat if Wolf can give you a plausible explanation without consulting the respective dept head. In city years, or even in canine years if you will, Wolf has been around approximately a nano second. P.S. is he employed and/or doing consulting work @ his previous company, which used to be/still is the city's independent auditor??? OMG, could it be another case of Cotto's six degrees of separation? Hey, where in the world is Cotto these days??? Haven't seem him post any comments lately. Maybe after the feeding @ the trough series, someone advised him to take the 5th.


You guys are brutal :)

Someone posted here last week and accused me of being too negative, so I am trying to roll out the "kinder, gentler" Kevin.

Only time will tell.

As far as Councilman Cotto, he apparently told Helen Ubinas that the "budget put everything else on hold" when she asked why he hadn't come through on a promise to start start a fund for "saving the Lyric" on Park Street. I guess the budget doesn't put everything on hold since he found time for the anti-Arizona resolution, but I digress.

I actually like, and appreciate, the comments Councilman Cotto takes the time to post, as well as everyone else. That "anonymous" guy is busy posting all the time also. If nothing else, it puts ideas out there for all of us to think about. We can't all agree all the time.

Anonymous said...

Guys, give Kevin a break. He's just trying to play nice with Panagore so the info will keep flowing sans FOIA. What is the old addage about flies and honey?