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Tuesday, June 29, 2010


It looks like Hartford's "Queen of Mean" may be calling it quits or at least is very perceptive and can read the writing on the wall. Perez Chief of Staff Susan McMullen must realize her days at City Hall are coming to a quick end.Apparently McMullen has put her house on the market about a week after the guilty verdict for her former boss was rendered, and two days after Perez resigned.

McMullen was instrumental in the states prosecution and eventual guilty verdict after she concocted the "Dyslexia Defense" which seemed to seal Perez's fate as a convicted felon.

Thanks Susan, it couldn't have been done without you.

Just a word of advice to any prospective buyers, make sure any renovations had building permits issued and that the contractors have been paid. Beware of any granite counter tops.

According to the City of Hartford Assessor's website, McMullen purchased the property in 2004 for $170,000 and the property is assessed at $46,460.


Rich Wareing said...

Ms. McMullem was the embodiment of the bad qualities with which the Perez administration is associated: supreme arrogance, openly disrespectful toward and dismissive of anyone who disagreed with anything coming out of the Mayor's office, and less than stellar performance.

Bruce Rubenstein said...

Anyone known being close to Eddie will have a hard time getting a job,especially in this economy.

Rich...dont hold back now !!!

Anonymous said...

Ms. McMullem , Please take Munis with you.