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Saturday, July 3, 2010


According to the Hartford Courant this morning, Hartford's Republican Town Chairperson Micheal T. McGarry has finally decided to weigh in on the Perez scandal. Not surprisingly though, he doesn't mention a word about scandal, corruption or even the fact that his only Republican on the City Council is also about to head to trial.Although in fairness to McGarry, the Democrats also seem to have political laryngitis when it comes to speaking out against corruption.

No, instead McGarry is calling for a special election to replace the spot opened by convicted felon Eddie Perez's resignation. This seems rather odd for someone that can't get candidates elected to be calling for a special election. According to the Courant, McGarry was unavailable for comment so we have no way of knowing what is running through that mind of his.

It is odd though that McGarry,and apparently the Republican Town Committee , have decided now to say anything. Throughout the entire investigation, including search warrants, a Grand Jury and even several arrests, not a word has been uttered by McGarry or the rest of his Jurassic Park followers. Although McGarry has made it a point to provide cover for Veronica Airey-Wilson, the Republican Council person arrested along side Perez, he has reamined silent throughout the entire ordeal.

Maybe McGarry feels a share of the blame for allowing his party to be driven into oblivion and irrelevance, empowering Perez to conduct his corrupt activities. Or maybe there were business decisions involved. We know how Perez would retaliate against those that spoke out and advertising revenues could be cut off.

But I would love to hear McGarry's rationale for a special election. A special election that does not appear to be allowed by City Charter. Any other year it might have a chance, the Charter states that a special election for replacement of the Mayor could be called in a year with a "regularly scheduled municipal election". This is the one year in the four year election cycle with no municipal officers up for election. No Board of Education, no Council, no Constables, no Registrars of Voters, not one municipal official.

But even further is the question why? Is he afraid that Pedro Segarra won't play his game? Maybe that Mayor Segarra seems to be a no nonsense leader? Maybe that Mayor Segarra will actually get something done and move Hartford in a new direction without any Republican help?

I might suggest that Mr. McGarry schedule an immediate meeting with Mayor Segarra and get on board with his plans for change. Rather than run to the City Clerks office with useless paperwork, do something productive for Hartford. Provide Mayor Segarra with a list of names of people that can actually make a change in Hartford by being useful assets on Boards and Commissions. Many of these positions have been vacant for years.

Mr. McGarry, agree to work with Mayor Segarra for the good of Hartford and its residents. Use the voice of the Republican party to keep Hartford on a steady and even course, something that hasn't been done for several years and allowed City Hall to veer off course and into potential prison sentences.

Mayor Segarra shows promise of being a solid force for change and stability in our City and the 17 months he will serve for the remainder of his term will be a daily challenge for him. Upending that by calling for a special election and changing leaders once again is lunacy.

And it's not like any Republican even has a chance of winning. What is the real reason for the petition?

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Anonymous said...

The real reason for the petition is to drum up his name for city council once his ally Veronica goes to jail.McGarry never once reproached Veronica publically or thru his town committee and no one has done more then Veronica and him to hurt the Republican brand. Mike McGarry was a kept whore of Eddie thru the City buying "advertisements" in McGryy's magazine and he got other nickel and dime petty stuff from the Democrats.If and when the Republican Party wants to get serious,they will send out this traitor to pasture.