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Thursday, August 5, 2010


It became official yesterday, Mayor Segarra wants Chief Daryl Roberts to stick around, and the Chief has agreed. Although the Chief had apparently hoped for a longer term, Mayor Segarra could only assure Roberts tenure until the end of his current Mayoral term, December 31, 2011.

By Hartford's Charter, the Chief as well as other Department heads serve at the will of the current Mayor, and a new Mayor taking office January 1, 2012 would be free to retain Roberts or appoint a new Chief. Thanks to Steve Goode for the actual copy, I still don't think Sarah likes me.

The formal agreement is below:
Chief Roberts Contract


Anonymous said...


on your quest 2 kill Eddie you were nasty to Sarah, a loyal devoted soldier.

Stop and move forward, She is classy, top notch and in Spanish she is 500% DECENTE.

Una de las nuestras.

Anonymous said...

maybe now the Chief will get off his ass and release the IAD Investigation of Robles and take remedial action if there is the proper finding.


I guess we have a very different meaning of decent. If asking to be added to her media list was being nasty, ok, guilty. If asking for public documents was being nasty, ok, guilty.

And that quest to kill Eddie, pretty good the way I was able to get him to commit criminal acts, convince him to renovate his kitchen and bath, then convince him to lie about it, then get Citino to send him an e-mail to set him up over the bribe to Giles, all very slick.

Poor Eddie, still the victim to this day.


Anonymous #2,

I am not sure what the delay is in releasing the IAD report. According to FOI the report became a public document the day it was completed and forwarded to the Chief a week and a half ago.

As much as I don't want to say politics are being played for the timing of next weeks Primary for Robles, many are coming to that assumption and it undermines the confidence in the HPD that Roberts has built during his time as Chief.

I have requested the completed report through an FOI request and am being denied access to it. As much as I don't want to challenge the Chief, FOI has said that I should file a formal complaint because this is a clear cut matter already decided by the Courts.

Anonymous said...

Kevin, don't act like you didn't spend every minute of your life looking for ways to find negative stuff about the last administration. Your stroke is one example of how you overextended yourself for a quixotic end. The most glaring is how you all of a sudden act like Sarah Barr is all goody two shoes. Hypocrisy to the max. And THAT's why you'll never be considered "media". You are a blogger who has alot of extra time on your hands. Make way for the mouthpiece everyone!

Come to think of it, your new name is going to be MP for mouthpiece.

Anonymous said...

Kevin, let the Mayor know the Chief is stonewalling you.

Anonymous said...

I bet the report on Robles that has been finished and is ready to be disseminated is being held up on purpose by the Chief,with the Mayor's office and Corporation Counsel in agreement with him.This could be seen by the public as being done to give Robles a hand, so that he wins on 8/10/10.Or it is being held up to not have the report unduly influence an election.Never the less,if I was Alyssa Peterson, I would have filed a FOIA request last week and having been rebuffed, filed an appeal with the FOIA Commission.Ms Peterson didn't request the investigation report so in part, the delay until after the election is on her.

Gregorio said...

So, how does Roberts' salary compare to that of the chiefs' of the other large municipalities?

Anonymous said...

Ms Peterson has already filed a request for the Robles investigation report last week and was rebuffed in writing by Chief Roberts.Like a dummy she neglected to file an appeal with FOIA in a timely manner and now it is more likely then not the report will not be public until after the primary election of 8/10/10.Ms Peterson is a dumbell who seems not to be ready for primetime.

Marcos said...

Kevin: What is the status of the rest of the dept heads that were asked to resign? I think it would be interesting reading if you were to obtain copies of all of the resignation letters. I am sure that there is a lot of groveling and fiction based accomplishments and unrealistic goals proposed in those letters.

Mariana said...

A true professional does not respond in kind when confronted with unhappy customers/constituents/clients/residents or whatever audience one has. To "Una de las nuestras" I would say, "Dime con quien andas y te dire quien eres." (Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are.) So, even if Kevin were nasty to her, which I doubt, she still should have afforded him the professional courtesy that we all deserve regardless of our perceived standing in the community.

Sincerely, Una de las otras.

Garth said...

To anonymous #3 who calls Kevin a "mouthpiece". Are you a medical doctor or do you have a PhD in psychic readings? Please explain to us how Kevin's health is related to his reports of the previous administration's wrong doings? Given your rationale, Jeff Cohen must be physically ill as well for if I am not mistaken, he was one of the first to report on the happenings at the Butt Ugly Building.


Anonymous #1 aka Anonymous #3,

Sit down, take a breath and compose your thoughts before you respond again.

Which is it? Was I nasty to Sarah or treating her like "goody two shoes".

To clarify the point for you, here is my position on Sarah Barr. Sarah has been a waste of a city salary for a few years, she is still a waste of a city salary and will continue to be a waste of a city salary until she is gone from City Hall. Sarah preached the "Gospel of Perez" faithfully and I find it hard to believe that she has now changed and is embracing Mayor Segarra's vision. I realize the Mayor has to review and systematically make change, but even Sarah's presence at City hall is undermining peoples confidence in the Mayor's Office. Clear enough for you?

And as far as my health, like the previous poster stated, can you let us know where you received your medical training?

And I did not have to devote all my time to my "quest 2 kill Eddie". Once we got the ball rolling, the information and documents began to flow to me quite freely. You want to talk about strokes? Eddie would have had a stroke if he knew half of the people that were sending the information out of City Hall. Some of them were just a short distance away from him every day, and there were good people inside city government who had had enough and wanted to expose wrong doing but couldn't on their own. I am quite gratified that people had the confidence in me to use me to get their information out, knowing that I would protect their interests.

And I never considered myself media, and still don't. Luckily the Federal Courts do though, which was the reason for starting this blog. As a regular citizen I could be compelled to reveal my sources, but as a "journalist" (no offense to the professional journalists)as a blogger aka a "member of the media" I am protected by "shield laws" protecting disclosure of sources.

And you might want to go back and look at comments regarding people coming here to get the facts that the "mainstream media" isn't putting out. And look at the number of posts here that are well before the "mainstream media" gets them. One example is lasts weekends post regarding the arrest of Hartford police Officer Chris White. It was here hours before anyone else, factual and verified as sources began calling me early in the day. I had it up by 1PM, Channel 3 had it around 4PM the Courant after 7PM and Channel 30 at 11PM. Not bad for a "non-media" person.

Your response?........