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Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Dennis House posted on his blog, "the Hartfordite", the ratings for yesterday's Lamont/Malloy debate.

I'm hoping the numbers were so low because everyone already has their minds made up as to who they are voting for in Tuesday's primary. As much as I want to believe that though, it probably is just a simple reason. People care more about "General Hospital" than taking the time to listen to politicians in what is probably the most important election in recent history.

According to Dennis House's numbers, the 3PM airing of the debate was handily beat by General Hospital with a 3.3 rating as opposed to the 2.1 rating for the debate. Add into the ratings the 8PM re-run of the debate on CPTV and the numbers jump to an astonishing 2.7. So if I'm reading the numbers correctly, even after combining the 3PM airing and the 8PM re-run,the long awaited debate still didn't beat General Hospital.

What does it take to awake Connecticut voters from their deep political apathetic slumber? Are people willing to accept corruption, mismanagement, higher taxes, cronyism, businesses fleeing to other states and on and on just as long as they get their "General Hospital".

Our government and the political activity that goes on at the Capitol should rival any soap opera or reality show on television today. Maybe we just aren't marketing it right.

And as a side note, I know I'm a Democrat now, but I love those Linda McMahon/Quinnipiac numbers. We might just end up with a real race for the Senate.


Matt said...

My best friend from age 7 always wanted to be in politics. He's honest and compassionate. At age 26 he ran for an office in his town and won. After one year he said the system was so bogged down with quid-pro-quo that the only way anything could get done was through "playing the game". Every time he tried to get something through to help the people he had to agree to something else that stabbing them in the back someplace else. He was disgusted and vowed to never get involved in politics again and went on to work in the private sector even through he could have won a re-election.

I don't blame the politicians and I believe most are honest and try their best. It's the system as a whole that's become broken. Too many lobbyist, companies with their influence through campaign "donations", and other self serving organizations with ties (banks).

The government has become way too big and compromised by the private sector to truly represent the people anymore. Those days are long gone.

Voters have lost faith in the system. Look at Obama's campaign promises to return the troops. So far he's only added more. I don't blame him because no matter who won the Presidency not much was going to change because banks have more power than our Government now. Don't think so? How did the bank bailout ever happen when so many people were against it?

How many times have we heard "vote for me I want to lower taxes" and taxes went up?

Give us a system that truly represents the voters and not the wealthy elite and people will start paying attention and voting again.

Matt said...

I couldn't help notice at the intro of your TV show. Some comments were made about how voting matters and I wanted to expand on that.

What voters care about first and foremost is their earning power and that is diminishing as our taxes creep up every year. Who we vote for has not changed this and is likely to anytime soon.

Why is this? Well it's because the banking system runs the country not our elected officials. Did you know the Federal Reserve is not a government agency, it's private with two figure heads appointed into it by the president so people think it's a government agency. It's also not even a gold "reserve" anymore. It was named the Federal Reserve to mislead people. The America dollar is no longer backed by gold so the Federal Reserve can just print money for the US Government like it's candy.

Ron Paul (Texas Representative) has been trying to audit the Federal Reserve for years and can't. Think about that, the US Government doesn't have the "power" needed to audit a bank. Now that's some power.

I highly recommend you sit down and watch the documentary I inked at the bottom of this post. It's about how the banks now run the country and who we vote for has become increasing less important. I would argue meaningless at the Federal level, almost meaningless at the state level, and some meaning at the local level (i.e. what day will trash pick up be in my town).

Being told your vote isn't that important anymore is a hard thing to accept so most people will dismiss me as nuts because that's easier to accept.

"Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes it's laws". —Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild.