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Friday, August 13, 2010


Word from sources moments ago is that Hector Robles will be tendering his resignation from both the 6th District Town Committee and his seat as a State Representative.

Sources are also confirming that Hartford County States Attorney Gail Hardy earlier today referred the HPD/Robles IAD report to Chief States Attorney Kevin Kane for criminal prosecution.

More as I get it.


Although at 1:00PM today Hector Robles had promised to deliver his resignation from the Democratic Town Committee and the State Legislature to 6th District spokeperson Jan Appellof, as of 6:30PM he has not arrived. Maybe 2nd thoughts? Who knows.


Apparently now Robles is claiming he never offered to resign, never mentioned a letter of resignation and has no plans to step aside. Eerily similar to the Perez, saga, isn't it?


Anonymous said...

great job with breaking news, kevin! if not the first, definitely one of the first!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the pitbull (Jan) and the energizer bunny (Sean) mis-spoke???? Nah they wouldn't do thaaaat!!

Anonymous said...

We the people...

Why resign? - Innocent until proven otherwise by a jury of his peers.

Let Justice do her job.

Anonymous said...

It appears that you AND The Hartford Courant made a journalist error...FIRST CHECK THE FACTS, then write the story. That barking pitbul and the energizer bunny created a little whirlwind of their own.


The facts are the facts and I still stand behind what I posted. There apparently is also a recording Robles left announcing his intent to resign, I'll post it here as soon as I get it. I'll accept your apology then, thank you.

If you think Hector Robles is a man of his word, I suggest you take the time to read the IAD report. If you need a reminder, that is the same report he told everyone was purely administrative and that he was cleared. If that is being cleared, I would hate to see what happens if he thought he was found guilty.

Anonymous said...


please chill - Morales was your boy and now he is not, no more. Robles was also your friend a few blog posts ago.

Even Helen Ubinas suggested being your Pana,

Credibility is important, Dog, I think you got played again.

Bruce Rubenstein said...

Kevin the balless wonders that wont sign their real name to posts in which they are on kneepads to Robles...says it all...if they really felt he was innocent..they would sign their real names like we do.


Helen suggested what?

I still stand by what I say. Ask me who got played the day jury selection starts for Hector.

It's just another chapter out of the Eddie Perez playbook, I guess you must think I got played on that one too. Ask him how that worked out, Hector should take a lesson from Eddie"s experiences.

Anonymous said...

Mr.Kevin Bruiseman,

your are absolutely correct, Morales is no longer with you or you are with him. Your dear former friend Robles got serious legal issues.

You are right, we are stupid.