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Tuesday, September 14, 2010


The mandated filings for the recent primary campaigns for Hartford races have all been submitted on time,the deadline was 9/10/10, except for one. The treasurer for the Morales for State Representative campaign apparently has not filed the reports according to the State Elections Enforcement Commission.

To view the filings that have been submitted, click here SEEC e-CRIS search

Several questions have arisen regarding the spending of funds by the Morales campaign, including the rental car he was still driving and apparently rented by his campaign, well after the August 10th primary when a police complaint was made against him on August 26th.Morales was also apparently driving with a suspended license which is an entirely different issue. Hopefully the reports will be submitted soon for the public's review.

The reports do show some interesting payouts for "consultants", be sure to check out the Southend races and the Lamont Campaign to see who's making out on the election season.


Navy Blue Boxers said...

Morales has more important things to worry about then a tardy filing.

Woody said...

You know what they say: A good man is hard to find. A hard man is good to find.

Navy Blue Boxers said...

What about teenage boys ?

Peetie said...

Nah, teenage boys are jail bait.

Anonymous said...

Angel paid his treasurer jason Lopez $2,500 to do his job. Why hasn't he filed the report yet?