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Wednesday, September 15, 2010


A homeowner interrupted a burglary this afternoon at 398 Franklin Avenue and held the burglar at gunpoint until police arrived. The homeowner was in the home when he heard an alarm go off and when he went to check it out he found the burglar inside the building near the back door.

Hartford Police Officer Teddy Sposito, the CSO for the Area, responded almost immediately and arrested the suspect.

I guess this burglar picked the wrong building to burglarize.


Bruce Rubenstein said...

This homeowner should get a commendation from Chief Roberts...

George said...

Kudos to the homeowner and great job HPD for the quick response...I'm glad the burglar was caught and no one was hurt.

Now I haven't been down Franklin Avenue in a while, but I could've sworn I read in the paper months ago about a house at this address was blighted and condemned. I'm wondering why would a burglar break into that property in that condition unless it's been cleaned up over the last few months.