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Thursday, November 18, 2010


It seems as though one attorney is cornering the market on defending Hartford's disgraced corrupt politicians.

Attorney R. Bartley Halloran has filed his appearance as the attorney of record for convicted felon Eddie A. Perez in the State of Connecticut's efforts to revoke Perez's pension. To follow the court proceedings and motions, click here

Halloran has also recently represented former Hartford Police Officer Hector Robles in his departmental hearings that resulted in Robles's termination on numerous departmental charges. Those same charges could potentially result in Robles's arrest on criminal charges depending on the outcome of an ongoing investigation by the State's Attorney's Office.


Honest Abe said...

Attorney Halloran is admitedly a good lawyer, but the representation of Halloran for Perez and Robles is curious at best since Attorney Halloran was appointed by Governor Rowland to the old Convention Center Authority,I think he may have donated and fundraised for him as well...and he represented the Republican Lt Governor Fedele in the lawsuit by Tom Foley against the State Elections Enforcement Commission and Fedele.In addition,Halloran is the Counsel in The MDS Commission headed by Billy DiBella.Mr Halloran also was or is involved with The Ct Trial Lawyer's Legislative Committee, one of the most powerful state-wide PAC's.The representation of Halloran for Robles and Perez may not be party driven so much as personality driven.

Rumor has it that State Representative Kelvin Roldan is dating Attorney Halloran's daughter.Perhaps Roldan facilitated Halloran's representation of Perez and Robles?

Biscuit King said...

Yikes, he could use a some teeth whitening.

peter brush said...

What intrigues is how the mayor has trouble paying for a crumby bath/kitc upgrade, but has $ galore to pay for attorneys.
Better him than me, enjoy, god bless, etc.
I'm with whoever it was who said, "Keep it simple."



Maybe if he had paid for the renovations he wouldn't have the need to now be paying for attorney's

peter brush said...

Maybe if he had paid for the renovations ...
True. But, when he did finally remember that he had to pay Costa he had to run to the bank for a second mortgage. He didn't have the $ in his cookie jar.

Honest Abe said...

There was within the last 2 weeks a fundraiser for Perez in Glastonbury,to defrey his lawyer bills.

Anonymous said...

Kevin, with your great insider contacts could you find out if the feds or states attorney is watching this? Where are Republican members of the MDC Board. You're a Republican right? If Halloran's work is rumored to be almost 100% MDC, then Greater Hartford water customers are supporting Perez and Robles' legal representation. They can't afford Halloran's bills. Thought the feds eliminated this practice when law firms who did all mob defense work were investigated for also representing others, like politicians. No difference here. Citizen water dollars are funding Perez and Robles legal bills. Please use your fed or state attorney contacts to investigate this.

Anonymous said...

You must be kidding me!

Halloran is one of the top lawyers in the state and has had an extremely successful trial practice for 35 years. That is where his money comes from.

You may want to do a little more research before you make ridiculous comments. All it takes is googling his name and you will see all of his recent cases. Does a 30M verdict against the state in 2009 ring a bell?

The feds should investigate you anonymous. Appears you are an idiot.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous,your post is beyond ridiculous!!

Attorney Halloran is one of the top attorneys in the state of Connecticut. He has represented, to name a few, the families of the workers killed in the L'Ambiance Plaza collapse, the investors that lost their money in the Colonial Realty Scandal and went after the police department for illegal wiretapping.

As the previous poster stated, he won a settlment of $30 Million against the state last year. The "Rumour" you mentioned is completely unfounded as well as being ignorant and stupid. The only work he gets paid for at the MDC is the work he does FOR the MDC.

Before posting anything again, I suggest you do a little homework. Maybe then you won't look like such a fool.

King Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9:19am and 10:48am, you two obviously have never been here before. So, I'll forgive your ignorance as to the common protocol. Normally, Mr. Brookman posts stuff with contains about 55% accuracy. Anything over 55% gets a link to a document. He'll rant about how this document is the proof that substantiates his inferred allegations of untold corruptions happening at City Hall.

Then the fun begins.

Comments either pour in or not depending on who is named in the posting. Normally these comments have absolutely nothing to do with the post and are just ad hominen attacks on the people named in the post.

There are two main commentators. One of whom is a local libertarian who has finally found a place where people will listen to his fringe views and another is the other extreme with an equally well off lawyer who seems to have too much time on his hands. These two people comprise almost half of the hits that Brookman always seems to tout.

But one thing one does not do is add any rationale that is contrary to the post. That is just not done. Anyone who is caught doing that will be thoroughly subjugated by Brookman's anonymous minions.

So, in the spirit of this protocol, I say to you:

I don't wanna talk to you no more, you empty headed animal food trough wiper! I fart in your general direction! Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!

peter brush said...

a local libertarian who has finally found a place where people will listen to his fringe views
Well, maybe, but I think he knows nobody really gives a crap what he thinks, and certainly he has no expectation that people in any number, particularly here in Hartford, will agree with him. I do think his feelings may be hurt by the suggestion that he is on the fringe, and I happen to agree with him that, in fact, the Htfd. political machine is itself on the fringe in the context of American politics at large. Certainly, it is more corrupt than the generality of political bodies even the generality of Nutmeg municipalities.
Kevin's documents speak for themselves. I think it is often useful to have a look-see at them. They can provide insight into a particular situation not provided by the write-up, if any, in the Courant, and cumulatively provide a better picture of how things are here in the Nutmeg capital. In the scheme of things, will his posting have any practical impact? Probably, not much, but I still think it's useful for it to be known that people are watching. I thank him for his work, even if I don't necessarily agree with his pov.
As to particular instance at hand, nobody begrudges Atty. Halloran whatever $ he may make handling the various messes of our local pols. My question had to do with the $ our pols might have. Honest Abe gave a plausible explanation; Glastonbury. I can't say that it is false.

Anonymous said...

This is the last post for anonymous. So rude are the comments. I met Kevin Brookman at state Republican events previously and admired how he gets so much insider information about local and state investigations. The main point is Halloran does so much MDC work and the Republicans on the MDC should be bringing up the conflict. A line should be drawn. It's embarrassing that MDC lawyers are defending two of Hartford's most corrupt Democratic politicians. I did take the advice and google Halloran and can't figure out where his practice is, the phone numbers match those of Levy and Droney which helps make my point. Droney is one of the most powerful Democrats in the state. If anyone can figure this conflict of interest with the MDC and bring it out, Kevin Brookman and his sources can.

Bruce Rubenstein said...

Dear King Anonymous:

Thank you for your most generous opinion that I am a " well off lawyer" with "time on his hands" who is a "liberal/leftist".To post an answer to a topic usually takes me a whole minute or two from my office here, which isnt a huge distraction.I am not a huge believer in political labels but that is ok to label me and Peter,if you must.I have not posted on this topic because,believe it or not, there are topic's of Kevin's that I honestly dont have much of an opinion about.Since you attribute about 50% of the comments to me and Peter Brush ( falsely, I might add),in order to appease you, I will now comment on this topic.

I know Bart Halloran as a lawyer.I think that I may have been opossing counsel to him in a matter at democratic state central some years ago.Bart has a great knowledge of the legal system and I suspect that he represents folks based upon the issue or issues at hand and their presentation of the facts when they see him.The fact that any one client is a democrat or a republican is probably very incidental to Bart,unless it is a matter having political significance.

BTW I personally am glad that Mr Brush advances what you believe are "libertarian views" and it give me that chance to dialog with him about his point of view.We should be glad that Kevin's blog attracts such divergent opinions, rather then taking him to task about it.

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree with King's arbitrary number of 55% accuracy. Kevin pretty much backs up everything he presents as factual with documents. Sometimes those documents are provided shortly after his entry as they become public. A very small percentage of his posts are opinion and he makes those entries clear in the post and he does not delete comments that disagree with his opinion.

If you don't like his blog than don't come back. That's the beauty of his information. You're not required to read it.

peter brush said...

I note that Council-hombre Cotto has his anti-profiling, etc., ordinance under committee consideration.

Take Hector Mauricio Hernandez, another MS-13 gangbanger here illegally. In 2008, he opened fire on a crowded school bus in Montgomery County, Md., killing a 14-year-old and two other teens.
Just months earlier, Hernandez, 20, had been arrested for carrying a switch blade. But he was released, even though it was clear he was here illegally.

Why? Because the county executive refused to train police in accordance with Section 287(g) of the Immigration Nationality Act, which authorizes police to help federal agents round up illegals.

Biscuit King said...

I wouldn't worry about Rubenslime spending so much time in here. He's probably charging the time to his clients.

Bruce Rubenstein said...

Biscuit....Im charging the time to your girlfriend...

Biscuit King said...

Which one Brucie?

Bruce Rubenstein said...

the one with a higher IQ then you...which could be anyone

peter brush said...

On Nov. 14, the day before the ethics trial of Rep. Charles Rangel, D-N.Y., for underreporting taxable income and a lengthy list of other violations, it was reported that Rangel illegally used $393,000 from his Leadership PAC to pay his legal fees. This represents an additional violation of congressional ethics. Rangel had been specifically instructed to establish a legal defense fund to pay for his attorneys

Read more at the Washington Examiner:
Just curious; what's up with Eddie's campaign war chest, if any?

Anonymous said...

I know R. Bartley Halloran better than any of you. I can't go into detail today due to his lovely daughters, I am being sarcastic, witch hunt on me. I know this article is almost 7 years old but it is about time that people know the truth. I have known Halloran for over 40 years and what I tell you will nauseate you. I will take a polygraph test to everything that I say.Of course his cronies will come to his defense but I will challenge any of them. His bad equals his good at best.Like I said, I can't comment for 30 days but then it is time for everyone to know the truth. Halloran is a charlatan!!!

Anonymous said...

I will tell you some things about honest R.Barley,sarcasm, that will make your blood boil. Due to his wonderful daughter, once again caustic,I can't say anything for at least 30 days. Come back then and will tell you about the real Bart Halloran, not the charlatan that his facade hides. By the way, he is one homely guy. Stay tuned,I will be back in thirty days and I will give your me name and submit to any polygraph test or whatever the latest technology is. The Hallorans dealt with the wrong person this time. I am not vindictive but it is about time the public knows the real R.Bartley Halloran.Even the name sound phony, stay tuned folks