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Monday, January 31, 2011


A regular reader suggested that I add a search button to the blog. It is a great idea and will add more flexibility to find info posted here. The search box is located above, directly below the title box.

Feel free to send me your suggestions, keep them civil though, and no, I won't go away, so save your time on that one.

And it looks like this might be the week that "We the People" passes 200,000 hits. In a 24 hour period last week I actually had a record for the blog, over 2,100 hits were recorded Wednesday from 4:45pm through 4:45pm on Thursday. The next closest day was when Eddie Perez faced his first arrest, 1,100 that day.

Thanks for all of your support, encouragement and of course information, I couldn't do this without your help.

1 comment:

Whiff said...

This is great, I can enter Eric Jackson and see all of the great things he has done for the city