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Friday, February 4, 2011


Our police officers see some of the worst of humanity along with some of the best. Today's incident must be troublesome to even the most seasoned police officers.

A 5 month old child has been admitted to Connecticut Children's Medical Center suffering from what is believed to be trauma suffered from a sexual assault. The child was brought to the hospital after the mother noticed unusual bruising and marks on the child. According to police sources, specialists at CCMC confirmed that the injuries were consistent with an apparent sexual assault and evidence of internal trauma was also found.

HPD sources confirmed that a potential suspect who was also in the apartment at the time of the alleged assault is being questioned. The mother was taken into police custody on an unrelated outstanding warrant. As of this time an arrest has not been made, but sources said that an arrest is very likely. HPD's Juvenile Investigation Division (JID)is continuing their investigation

Please keep this child in your thoughts as well as the officer's and medical staff who have had to deal with this matter.


Barbara J.Ruhe said...

Those of us who do this work and live with this kind of trauma continue to do it in the hope that we can make a difference--at the end of the day the only way I can continue to advocate for the smallest among us is that surely God in His infinite mercy and wisdom will give us the strength to go on---

peter brush said...

Love makes a family, etc.