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Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Sometimes it seems like we have become immune to things that affect young people and how decisions can change their lives.

I usually focus on Hartford issues, but luckily this is one idiotic decision that we don't have to take blame for.

It seems that a student at Shelton High School, James Tate, came up with a creative way to ask for a prom date. He had the audacity to cut out large paper letters and tape them to the front of Shelton High School asking "SONALI RODRIGUES, WILL YOU GO TO PROM WITH ME? HMU, TATE" . For those not familiar with the texting lingo, "HMU" is nothing improper, it means "hit me up".

For being creative, the headmaster of the school has suspended Tate and revoked his right to go to the Prom. It wasn't graffiti done with spray paint and there was no damage done to the building. And I would even imagine that Sonali felt pretty special when she arrived at school Friday morning and saw the invitation.

Sonali promptly said yes.

This is absurd that Tate was punished to this extreme and the Headmaster should be ashamed for her actions.The headmaster, Dr. Beth Smith, can be reached at 203-922-3004 ext. 512 or by e-mail by clicking here

Something as important as the prom could also be disastrous when yanked away like this. In a city like Hartford plagued with youth violence and under performing students, I would hope that any Hartford educator would have handled a creative move like this in a much more positive manner.

Call or e-mail Doctor Smith and let her know what you think. I guess it goes to show that some people like Dr. Smith can be educated, but common sense can't be taught.

Good job Tate, and Somali should be fortunate to have a date with a young man that can be creative and respectful.

A facebook page has also been created "Let James Tate Go to the Prom"


Anonymous said...

While creative, Tate needs to be disciplined. This is larger than Tate. If not addressed, or worse encouraged, the entire school could end up covered in white paper.

"Why can't I do it, Tate did it and nothing happened to him?" Or worse what if the next kid falls off a ladder and breaks his neck? The principal will be fired, a kid will be crippled and the town is out millions for a law suit. Try defending that lawsuit when Tate was allowed a free pass to do the same thing a week before.

Not letting him go to the prom might be a bit harsh but who can say for sure. We know nothing about Tate or his history at that school.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Again commonsense goes out the window !! Tate will be punished enough by going to court with his mom and dad for a trespassing charge .There is no reason for giving him the death penalty and not allowing him to go to his prom. You can be assured that the superintendant of schools Freeman Burr (An Idiot Formally of Hartford Public Schools) will totally mismanage this situation and have his school system end up in the National News ! Woops thats right i guess he already did !!! Good to see He hasnt changed a bit. Lousy administrator that lacks people skills .