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Friday, May 13, 2011


I spoke with members of the City of Hartford Firearms Review Board last night and asked them if the Pawtucket Street shooting video influenced their decision making when they decided that the shooting was proper.

I received several blank stares and then angry comments as to "what video?". Apparently the video was withheld from the civilians on the Board and they were unaware of its existence. They stated that they are supposed to decide whether a shooting is justified or not based upon the facts, yet they were not given all of the facts.

This could also pose a problem on another front. At least three people that were part of the conversation are also members of the panel involved with the Cintron-Vaughn consent decree which still hangs over the head of HPD. They stated that they would be calling for a meeting next week to discuss these issues, particularly IAD issues which they believe are in violation of the Federal Court order


Anonymous said...

If I am not mistaken, DKR put Lester McKrash in charge of the Firearms review board. Certainly and obviously Lester McKrash knew about the video. why didn't he show it to the board?

Anonymous said...

The video was an exhibit in the State Police report. That report, minus the video, was provided to the Firearms Review Board. Someone certainly wanted the video not to be seen by7 the members.

Anonymous said...

Probably more Ursal Wiebush tricks. Come'on Ursala, not giving Brookman all the McKoy stuff? Everybody knows McKoys been investigated by the assistant and deputy chiefs like 5 times. Yet you gave none of that to Brookman.

Sure, IAD didn't investigate those complaints, but they sure are complaints. Here's a great question, why aren't or weren't complaints against McKrash investigated by IAD. Why were they kept secret in the chief complex? Any answers Daryl? Ursala quit playing secret squirell, McKoy and Roberts aint gonna be here forever to protect you. The next chief my actually put you in a law enforcement roll... yikes. Trust me, Brookamn knows about many of the Tales of Lester McKrash, and who did the investigating. Just hand over the "issuses in records" stuff and his many highway road rages toll booth blunders. And all the other stuff too.