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Sunday, May 22, 2011


In response to the posting regarding the upcoming Hartford Police Internal Affairs Investigation, I received the following e-mail from Frank Rudewicz whose firm will be conducting the investigation.

I think it is important that I post the e-mail address Frank has set up for anyone that wants to provide information. In addition, I will be more than willing to forward information that is provided to me to the investigators if you prefer to not have any link back to you or your e-mail or IP address.

I have also been told that some of the investigators are expected to be either current or former Investigators from the Boston Police Department Internal Affairs Division and that Rudewicz will essentially be playing a supervisory role.

Here is Frank's e-mail:

Kevin, this is Frank Rudewicz. While I appreciate that individuals have their own opinions on the upcoming review of HPD, I will be ensuring the integrity of the process by seeking all relevant information from any sources.

In that regard, I have set up a confidential email address at I request that all relevant information be forwarded to me, either anonymously or otherwise.

This email will only be opened by me or my assistant, Kati Allison in Boston. Content will be shared with my investigative team as required. I will respond to all emails.


Anonymous said...

This is a good start.

While I too am hesitant about this investigative team there are some advantages to Frank knowing how HPD operates internally.

Every HPD cop knows that if this investigation yields no serious issues it was not a real investigation but just a way for the Mayor to "clear" HPD's integrity right before the elections. Time will tell.

Anonymous said...

I give Frank credit for speaking with you up front. Let him do his job and we all can analyze it later. I think that the mayor should have had a public forum on this matter and explained his choice of Frank.

Billy said...

I second what the two first Anon posters said. I have a little more faith in the matter since Rudewicz posted details directly on the blog that was outwardly skeptical of him running the investigation.
At least now we can rest a little easier until the results of the investigation are in. At which point the issues revealed or lack there of, are free to be scrutinized.

peter brush said...

“I have already met with Police Chief Daryl Roberts and have directed him to order an immediate independent review of the IAD. As matters continue to unfold, I reserve my right to take additional action to preserve the integrity, trust, and public safety of the community.”
Is there some other more specific charter defining Mr. R.'s mission than the above Segarra statement that we need an external "review" of the internal affairs guys?

Anonymous said...

That email address of Rudewicz is going to overload. I agree with kevin, only time will tell. It is time for the children on the second floor be told that they can not treat fellow employees like garbage.
Its hard enough to work in a city like hartford, but even worse that certain individuals like a certain newly appointed headquarters Captain has nothing better to do with his time but try and tow another officer's cruiser. Really? Really? This is what the citizens are paying for. One cop to bully, yes bully another. I guess morale is cancelled until further notice.

Anonymous said...

I hope that a fair and precise investigation is done in regards to all of the kindergarden behavior coming out of the second floor. internally, if you dont ''hang'' with the right people, then you are bullied around. Enough is enough. Understandably in any place of work where you have 400+ employees, there is going to be some unrest. But knoestly the command staff has lost the respect and morale of their men.

Dear Command Staff,
Do you really think that an emplyee will perform better if he is constantly bullied ?

The city and citizens suffer in the end, hey but its ok for people like Mc Coy to get hair cuts while destroying cruisers. Its ok for Horvath to accuse officers of narcotics use. (with no evidence) other then some ''rumor''

And lastly, the Mayor is not to blame, he inheritted a sack of you know what from perez. So the Mayor can only try and fix things. .....

Anonymous said...

Hopefully and once and for all, someone needs to inform these powere hungry white shirts that they do not, do not, have the right to treat employees like garbage. Morale was cancelled long ago, but it can be brought back. I hope it will, because even though I dislike walking through the doors of Police Headquarters, i do enjoy the job and being a real cop.

mr x said...

there is still a chance to straighten the ship. Even though morale is cancelled until further notice, the personnel attacks and back door deals need to end.

Also, it does look shady for the mayor to have food with Robles. But the fact is that Robles is a product of the HPD way. Capt Even did the same thing, went to college, then got promoted to capt. Coverup.

The thousands of time cards and boxes of paperwork labeled, ''burn'' sitting outside of the payroll office need to be reviewed before all is lost.

CopDad said...

After reading all of the comments, one thing many of you may or may not be aware of...DKR and Frank are academy classmates from 27, 28 years ago. A bond like that is tough to break. And like it or not, it screams of impropriety. So I, for one, do not have much confidence in the "independent" investigation. Do any of you? DKR has proven to be the most selfish and self serving individual that could have been named the police chief. He goes off on these tangents and WRONGFULLY disciplines many(not all) of the cops and continues to leave the city with astronomical bills to pay in the form of lawsuits(they always do). Why isn't Secore back to work? Why isn't Murtha back to work? Why does he trust Ford so much? That's proving to be another "wonderful" idea by DKR. He's grooming another unqualified city product like himself for a star. If that happens, it'll only prove that his moves are self serving. DKR is the product of promotional list extensions; yet he failed to extend the most recent Lt. list. He's gotta know that there will be some attrition forthcoming with all of the 2nd floor "fireworks" happening on an almost daily basis. So instead of preparing for those potential vacancies, he puts the city in another financial hole with a $20,000+ bill for administering another promotional exam when these vacancies do occur. As much as we want to support Pedro, maybe a new mayor and a new plice chief are in order to preserve what's left of the pride of the men and women of HPD. The city is a great place to live&work and the police department was and can be again top notch. Newer officers are seeing the writing on the wall and leaving, whereas the majority have to stay because of the time they already have invested.
Pedro, please reconsider and get a different investigative firm to do the job. Jobs are depending on the outcome(yours too)

Anonymous said...

Wow, I didn't know they were classmates. That just changed everything. I smell cover up or at least a biased investigation process.

Anonymous said...

Frank's reputation is above reproach, his career depends on it. I highly doubt that he would be willing to short change any investigation that his name is on, especially for someone like DKR. Frank is also a good choice because he knows the inner workings of HPD.

The real question is what is the scope of his investigation? Is it to continue Lt.Brooks' investigations that involved the command staff? Is it to investigate the transfer of Lt. Brooks or is it to investigate how Lt. Brooks managed IAD?

I doubt the mayor would want to give Frank a broad brush to look into all of the problems at HPD, it would cost way too much and who wants to open that can of worms?

Anonymous said...

I've been following Kevin's blog for awhile and usually when topics on HPD come up you get a half dozen comments or so. Since Roberts came up with the idea to try and discredit this blog at roll calls, there's been a lot more activity and interest.

Thanks Chief Roberts, did you come up with that idea yourself or did you and McCrash scheme it up together while at the barber shop?


Cop Dad,

you need to re-check your information. Frank Rudewicz and Daryl Roberts were NOT academy classmates. You may be thinking of his brother Robert Rudewicz who was Daryl Roberts' classmate in 1982.

Robert Rudewicz retired after a short time serving the city as acting Police Chief.

mr x said...

I think Captain Joe Buyak should get a shot at chief. He has the respect of every officer. He is fair and understands that no one is perfect. It is time for a change. He would do a lot better job then that guy who gets hair cuts while on duty and takes mysterious trips out of state with his city of hartford police vehicle. (New York) Then wraps it around a pole.

Anonymous said...

Guys, Frank came into the academy in 1979, The Chief came after 1982 Get your facts straight.

Anonymous said...

I hope this internal investigation reveals all of the discrimination and harassment that has been covered up for so long, leaving good cops to suffer because they "don't fit in"!
Karma baby!