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Wednesday, May 25, 2011


As you can see from the above video, Mayor Pedro Segarra speaks quite often about transparency.The clip is edited, but during a three minute speech at the Legislative Office Building recently, he used the word transparency quite a few times. But is "transparency" really the case?

Last Thursday my phone started ringing early in the day about the breakfast get-together of Mayor Segarra and former Hartford Police Officer Hector Robles who is also the State Representative from the 6th District. Robles, in the true style of Hartford politics, is also currently under arrest on larceny charges where the States Attorney's Office alleges that he stole over $10,000 from the City of Hartford.

The calls were mostly from the "political" types questioning whether it was proper for Segarra to be be meeting privately with someone who was terminated from the City, was facing a possible trial and in turn could be contemplating legal action against the City. All valid points, and I would think it would have been wise for the Mayor to bring a third party along to, as they say, "have his back" if any questions of impropriety arose.

The original parties that called me could only confirm the meeting though, they didn't hear any of the conversation. Then I received another call Friday night from someone who is not political and was upset over a conversation they had claimed that they heard that morning between Robles and Segarra while this person was having breakfast at Ashlee's on Main Street.

UPDATE 9:00pm

I just received a call back from Mayor Segarra regarding this meeting and I am doing something that I don't think I have ever done since I started this blog.

Although I am 100% confident with the information provided to me by the sources that called, there was something that bothered me about the post. I have to feel comfortable with what I write here and after speaking to Mayor Segarra, I am going to give him the benefit of the doubt on this one and edit the details of the conversation.

I still think the meeting was inappropriate, and the Mayor should have shown better judgement. Eventually the truth comes to the surface and if nothing else all of the candidates should realize to stay above the fray because you never know who is watching, and in this case listening


Anonymous said...

Kevin, what is the update on Chief MC Coy's little emergency haircut? Did it involve the state police? This is geting to be borderline disingenuous ....


I'm not ready to put all the details out there yet because I am waiting for documents related to the "Code 3 Haircut".

Essentially, I have been able to confirmn that it did happen, it did involve the State Police. A Trooper observed the incident and reported it to his Lieutenant. That Lieutenant has since retired and is apparently a Chief in another State now.

The Lieutenant did apparently make a complaint to Chief Roberts and an Assitant Chief was assigned to look into it. Pursuant to an FOI request the Chief apparently claims no documents exist, but others are already willing to testify that documents pertinent to my request do exist.

So much for transparency. And I'm not sure what you are implying by "disingenuous". The information is coming out but I can't go to Jennings Road and pull it out of the file cabinets.

Anonymous said...

Any update on McKoy and the harrassment issues with the gals in the records division? Its widely understodd that for a period of time, he was not allowed to enter the records divsion when certain workers were around.

Bill Cantore said...

If Segarra is so concerned about transparency, then tell me why is everything at HPD and City Hall so opaque?
Just because you say something, doesn't make it so.
Typical democratic sloppy rhetoric.

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to tell Pedro that he's supposed to tear the top page off of his Word of the Day calendar each day.