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Thursday, June 30, 2011


Numerous sources are confirming that Mayoral candidate Shawn Wooden has given up and is calling it quits in his run for Mayor. Wooden apparently began making calls earlier today to Hartford Democratic Town Committee members and spokespeople to advise them of his decision.

The decision apparently isn't sitting well with some Wooden supporters and donors to Wooden's campaign who thought he was a serious candidate. One donor stated to me that he would have never given a large donation to the Wooden campaign if he thought Wooden wasn't serious about going the distance.

Although it is not yet confirmed, one insider told me that a deal has apparently been cut for Wooden to now run for City Council on Segarra's slate and push for Wooden to become Council President if elected. If that were to happen, Wooden would be next in line for the Mayor's seat if Segarra were to leave for any reason.

It just makes me wonder how you suddenly throw your support behind someone you have been highly critical of for several months and then expect to be taken seriously. More Hartford Democratic politics at its best.

Both Cityline and Jeff Cohen have postings also, click on the links to the right to read their take. And Helen Ubinas had a good column today also, so show her some love and click her also


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Anonymous said...

Wooden told his supporters when they signed up that he was going the distance...and obviously lied to them. In addition he threw those very same supporters under the bus.Wooden will just watch as Segarra comes after his former supports and not lift a finger. Wooden has no loyalty except to himself.I think his career in politics has been hurt quite a bit.In addition if is glaringly apparent that Mr Wooden has a lack of cojones to risk anything and everything to be Mayor...he would rather have it the easy way and inherit it..

If Wooden has even an ounce of decency, he should refund the money he raised back to his donors since the very beginning of his race.

Anonymous said...

The first comment.

Is this another morning breakfast with the Mayor deal ?