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Friday, July 1, 2011


Hartford's latest homicide occurred tonight on Martin Street, just yards away from where Mayor Segarra announced his latest crime fighting initiative earlier today. I guess the neighborhood didn't get the Mayor's message.

And there also seems to be a much different version of how this task force was created than the one that was delivered to the media today. It seems that the Governor and Chief States Attorney Kevin Kane were the driving force that brought the parties to the table rather than being the brainchild of Segarra. More on this next week.


Anonymous said...

I'm surprise Chief Daryl hasn't taken credit for this new initiative. He did co-author the Neighborhood Police Plan ya know. Ba ha ha ha ha! Turns out those who have been shouting DKR is a bad for the city are suddenly the smart ones.

It's crazy, if Chief Daryl thinks he has the support of his assistants and deputies now, he's nuts. Those guys (after almost losing their jobs to Lester and DKR himself) really can’t wait for Chief Daryl to leave now. But in a reality, Daryl is already gone... He knows what the report is going to say...

Anonymous said...

This shows you that there is true leadership lacking throughout the command staff, who takes vacations during a budget crisis and looming cuts to command staff and part one crimes on the rise. Oh, DKR and his associates. Good going Pedro, keeping hollow leadership in place, maybe on November there will be wholesale leadership changes.

Bruce Rubenstein said...

Waterbury is roughly our size in population and they have 0 homicides so far this year while we have 18.Something must be done and done soon relative to our safety or folks will contine to be in jeopardy.The elected officials in Hartford have either been unwilling or unable to make sure that Hartford's citizens are free from crime.

Anonymous said...

Welcome Back - Bruce !!!!

Anonymous said...

DKR hasn't written a Police Plan in his life. He takes others work and puts his name on it. An excellent example is the Neighborhood Police Plan you speak of. Harnett and Fallon wrote that whole plan along with Operation True North. Roberts has been in over his head since 2006 and it's finally catching up with him.

Anonymous said...

Extremely Simple. Flood the North End with all resources. Beat cops, ert team, and as many officers that is needed to turn around a disaster zone. Martin Street, Garden Street, Albany, Etc all look like south central LA. That 10% of residents responsible for crime need to be held accountable.

Anonymous said...

I will be amazed if the homicide rate does not reach fourty this year.

Anonymous said...

Apples and Oranges...Waterbury please not even close to being the same animal.

Bruce Rubenstein said...

wrong Anonymous 12:11 Pm...they are about the same in must be on the " everything is lovely in Hartford payroll"

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 10:50am:

That all sounds fine and dandy. I'm all for it, except there is one problem.....HPD doesn't have enough officers, they don't even have enough officers for normal operations much less for a more concentrated effort in the Upper Albany Clay/Arsenal areas. Regardless of the fact that 30 additional recruits are currently in week 2 of 22 of the academy there will STILL not be enough police on the street after they graduate to do anything that you suggest. Not to mention HPD has been bled dry of funds to be able to pay for said ERT, Conditions, Walkbeat and Patrol units.
It's clear as day to me, to implement a strategy to start reducing the amount of unrealistic crime that's occurring then City Hall needs to start cutting some of these rediculous and redundant 6 figure plus positions and give that money BACK to HPD so the citizens of Hartford can feel safe in their neighborhoods, no matter what neighborhood it is.

Anonymous said...

How to save money in HPD

1. Nancy Muroy position. 80k

2. Fleet Manager (sorry ernie) 50k

3. Marine Unit for less then a mile of coastline..waste of money

4. Mounted Unit, Next year after government funding is over. 500k a year

5. Make traffic unit take motor vehicle accidents. Take a little burden off patrol.

6. Bomb Squad. State police has one, we don't need one, just call state.

Bill said...

Anonymous at 12:03,

Well that's a little ridiculous. can't say I agree with much at all of what you said. Sure the total of those positions combined equates to a large enough sum on an annual basis but there are some holes.
1. Nancy Mulroy won't be there much longer.
2. 50k for fleet management is a good rate.
3. The marine unit is a regional unit, not just HPD, similar to regional bomb squads/SWAT and accident reconstruction teams. It works.
4. The mounted unit I'm on the fence with, it's great for HPD and the city as a whole. Similar to having more walk beats and bike units it brings HPD and the citizens closer. The only problem is the money that could be spent on it after the grants is being spent on super-inflated salaries for useless positions, outside of HPD, within City Hall.
5. The bomb squad is also a bit borderline, not extremely necessary nor is it a common occurrence to use them, but it is after all the Capitol City of Connecticut and if there is no other reason that one is good enough to have a bomb squad.