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Monday, July 4, 2011


I don't usually do this, as far as posting other peoples thoughts, unless it is in the comments section. The reason I am posting this letter which was posted first on Facebook by J. Stan McCauley is that I think it says what many of us were thinking last week after Shawn Wooden dropped out of the Mayor's race. A move which Governor Malloy openly admitted was orchestrated by him.

Here is Stan's letter, and although Stan is a friend of mine, I am posting it because it says what most people are thinking and it is right to the point.

Open Letter to the Hartford Democrat Town Committee
by J Stan McCauley on Monday, July 4, 2011 at 1:18am.

I was asked by the HDTC: In what way will you, as Mayor work with the HDTC?

Let the following reflect one of the ways:

On Thursday July 21, 2011, the Hartford Democrat Town Committee will cast votes to endorse its candidates for the next Mayor, Treasurer and City Council members of Hartford. This is an awesome responsibility for those HDTC members that represent you the residents of Hartford. They must give this serious consideration because their vote must reflect the will of the people. It is after all the people's government.

Last Sunday July 3, 2011 on my weekly radio address I talked about this awesome responsibility. You can listen to it by logging on to click on the “Listen to radio show” link.

While I believe that I am the best choice for Hartford's next Mayor, that is not for me to decide. That decision is up to you the people of Hartford. I encourage you to call your Hartford Democrat Town Committee members and tell them to vote for who you think will make the best Mayor for Hartford. Because they can not afford to get this wrong.

There are some who believe that the answer to that question is NO. Can Hartford residents govern themselves? This is the question that has been put forth. Recently, the Governor weighed in on the subject and said that he was doing so for the good of the Democrat Party. It is telling when the “Head” of the party directly gets involved in a municipal election, even if the municipality is the capitol city.

The bottom line is this.

■The HDTC must send a solid message that it is in control of Hartford politics and that it is in touch with the electorate.

■The message must be sent to Connecticut and the world that Hartford can and will manage it's own affairs.

■The message must be sent that the HDTC will not have it's choices made for it by anyone other then the people of Hartford.

■Help your town committee stand strong. Call them and tell them who you want as your Mayor, Treasurer, and City Council members. Together we as One Hartford - the residents, businesses large and small, the Hartford Democrat Town Committee, City Council, Treasurer and Mayor can make Hartford one of the top 10 small cities in the United States.


■You can call your HDTC member because they are your representatives and they work for you.

■Tell the HDTC that the world is watching and Hartford's future depends on them.

■Tell the HDTC that you sincerely hope that their vote reflects the communities they represent.

■Remind the HDTC that if their vote doesn't reflect the results in the primary on September 13th that it will be clear that they are not the voice of the people.

■Tell the HDTC that you want a Mayor, Treasurer and Council that is accountable and demonstrates real leadership, real governance, and real vision.


And to my readers, this is in no way an endorsement of Stan's campaign for Mayor. There is a long way to go and I hope that the frontrunner will not be whoever raises the most money, but will be the one who shows the best vision for Hartford


WJK3 said...

We IN the Democratic Party know it properly as the Democratic Party, not the Democrat Party, a term developed by GOP strategist Frank Luntz. If you don not know we are the Democratic Party, you are not a Democrat. Also, though I really do like and respect you quite a bit, which the thought that the Governor actually had anything at all to do with this, is really very naive. They brokered the deal, Wooden wanted to save face, so called in a political favor, and, voila, the Governor did what was best. Also, the world is NOT watching, no one is outside of the towns that border Hartford, and even that is a stretch.

hpd 3ft tall grass said...

Vargas for Mayor

Kevin for Council

Chris Lyons for Police Chief

Joe Buyak for Assistant Chief

....Now that is a Dream Team !!!!!

J. Stan McCauley said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Chris Lyons for Police Chief?

Joe Buyak for Assistant Chief?
This would never work. Both are men of integrity.

Anonymous said...

WJK3 - As tempting as it might be to say no one outside of Hartford pays any attention to Hartford, the fact is Eddie's case made the NY Times and Newsweek. It was a disgrace to the city. And, even if you were right, does that mean, hell, let's let Hartford go further down a sinkhole because no one is paying attention? Great attitude.

J. Stan McCauley said...


I'm glad you picked up on that Walter. I've have been very open and up front about how I feel about political parties. So even call me a carpet bagger. But the plain and simple truth is I am not trying to be a good democrat or good republican because the fact of the matter is that both parties are full of it and having been involved with both I feel confident I can say that. I don't like being played for a fool by politicians that could care less about me as a citizen and my community.

I'm trying to become a good mayor that answers to the people and not the party! The people of Hartford deserve nothing less. Trust me when I tell you, the people could care less about party in the up coming election. The only ones that care are party loyalist and they will do what ever it take to keep me out.

If the machine had it's ear to the ground their $150,000.00 man might have known that and still be in the race. I want my government to work. I am sick of dysfunctional lying politicians who use and exploit the people.

If that means I have to step up to the plate and join a party than that is the price I will have to pay. As far as people looking at Hartford and the town committee, there are people that want to bring business to Hartford and the region but if the HDTC which in theory is the foundation of the local government can't chose the correct candidate than it becomes clear that they can not hold the elected officials feet to the fire when it matters most.

That is not my opinion it is an undeniable fact and the proof of it is Eddie Perez. He was allowed to go unchecked by the very elements that should have keep a lid on him. This is a dysfunctional government and the time to clean it up is now, unless all we are concerned about is labels, titles, and perception. And the world is watching!

If you would like to talk about this further please feel free to call me: 860-944-9797.

Bruce Rubenstein said...

Kevin...Hartford is

1. About the 4th poorest city in
the country, with a jobless
rate of about 16%.
2. Has a high school graduation
rate of about 30%.
3. has 18 murders this year
while Waterbury,of about the
same size, has none.
4. has seen taxes go up 7 out of
the 8 last years.
5. the highest downtown vacancy
rate in the last 20 years..
around 30%
6. has huge deficits of many
millions, both on the BOE side
and the city hall side.

Pedro was on the City Council for years and Mayor for one year,with no change of the above,except that the above seems to have gotten worse under his stewardship.But I could be convinced otherwise with a good argument, so I and other Hartford voters want to hear from your audience which Mayoral candidate can best fix the above problems? Tell us also which Council candidates can fix the above problems?

peter brush said...

Bruce makes very good points, of which 4-6 are actually within the power of the Mayor/Council to affect.
Stan: any suggestions as to how you might cut spending if you were Mayor? I'm putting my auto tax check in the mail today; $600 covers the first half of the year. My real estate taxes have doubled (heading towards tripling) since 2000. Hight taxes can't help occupancy rates. Deficit clearly spending problem, as again, witness the increase in taxes over the past decade.

Anonymous said...

Hartford is run like a third-world country. Get into power, loot the place, then get out -- or, in the case of Eddie, get caught. Wanting the job of Mayor of Hartford should be enough to get you disqualified from the race.

J. Stan McCauley said...

Anonymous said...
Hartford is run like a third-world country. Get into power, loot the place, then get out -- or, in the case of Eddie, get caught. Wanting the job of Mayor of Hartford should be enough to get you disqualified from the race.

My Reply:

Good point. But there is nothing like a puzzle that can be solved. Hartford - The entire city - can fit into O'Hare International Airport which is an authority of the city of Chicago. If it can be run well so can Hartford

We can fix Hartford if we stop the looting.

Peter, I'll answer your question later on this evening I'm on my way out. Even better, get a few people together and interview me for the job at your house and I'll answer any tough questions you have.

peter brush said...

2. Has a high school graduation
rate of about 30%.
And we have a new Super with a three year contract starting at above $200g, and with increases each of three years. Similarly, we have a new HFT three year contract with increases in each year. What gives? The State imposes labor rules, and all other policies on the Board, the Municipality has nothing to say about it. I say, as long as our new Gov. is so involved in Hartford politics, how about if Malloy would inquire about it? Better, how about if he and the Dem legislature were to lighten the load on municipalities in terms of mandates, especially public sector unions?

Anonymous said...

Anyone at HPD start an I-File on A87's most recent 10-46/71 yet???

Oh Danny Boy said...

The Dirty deal of the week;

John Kennelly was at Pedro's 1st organizational meeting for Mayor.Next week Pedro is sponsoring a resolution to allow Kennelly's billbord client space in Hartford.One hand washes another...CORRUPTION >>> " I'll support you but this is what I want in return..."

Anonymous said...

If A87 Arrest code has some juice, it will be another cover up...Hey kevin look into this.


are you sure on that arrest code? I'm getting a different last digit.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:40p u mean A82&trust me...NOTHING is going to happen to that guy. Multiple city cars totaled and still gets the traffic job. U do the math. Daryl takes care of those that covered him when he used to pull his disappearing acts on mids. Anybody else wouldve been a WC or worse...demoted.

Anonymous said...

Arrest code A82. Wow another route 2 10-31 into a tree?

patrol Ofc that wants OT said...

The long standing marble statue called the traffic division will be getting taken care of very shortly. I guess federal labor laws are harder then cruiser damage to cover up..

Anonymous said...

Not another RTE2 10-31, but a 10-46/71 off-duty berating on-duty cops.


Oh Danny Boy:

I received the Council agenda today and I see nothing regarding any billboards

Anonymous said...

Kevin - the billboard resolution was introduced in June. It's currently in committee.

Anonymous said...

Chief MC Coy for Mayor !!!!!!!!!